20 Homemade Pizza Recipes

  • Breakfast Pizza 1 of 20
    Breakfast Pizza
    What’s better than cold, leftover pizza for breakfast? Warm pizza loaded with bacon, sausage
    and eggs!
    Make Breakfast Pizza »
  • Pizza Snacks 2 of 20
    Pizza Snacks
    Fried microwavable pizza snacks will have no place in your kitchen once you serve these healthier kid-pleasers!
    Make Pizza Snacks »
  • Pepperoni Pizza Puffs 3 of 20
    Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
    This versatile one-bite pizza will please kids and adults!
    Make Pepperoni Pizza Puffs »
  • Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza 4 of 20
    Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza
    Turkey sandwiches beware &mdash you have competition!
    Make Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza »
  • Create-Your-Own Pizza Bar 5 of 20
    Create-Your-Own Pizza Bar
    No more arguing over which toppings to get. At home, everyone can choose their own.
    Make Create-Your-Own Pizza Bar »
  • Matzoh Pizza 6 of 20
    Matzoh Pizza
    You’ll hear the crunch a mile away from this super-thin pizza, which is also a quick and affordable alternative to ordering takeout.
    Make Matzoh Pizza »
  • Caramelized Onion, Ham and Gruyere Pizza 7 of 20
    Caramelized Onion, Ham and Gruyere Pizza
    This pizza is a flavor explosion of sweet, salty and cheesy!
    Make Caramelized Onion, Ham and Gruyere Pizza »
  • Pizza Baked Potatoes 8 of 20
    Pizza Baked Potatoes
    This gives “loaded baked potato” a whole new meaning!
    Make Pizza Baked Potatoes »
  • Pizza Casserole 9 of 20
    Pizza Casserole
    Who says pizza has to be on crust?
    Make Pizza Casserole »
  • Fresh Tomato Pie 10 of 20
    Fresh Tomato Pie
    If you enjoy farmers market fare, this is the pizza for your family.
    Make Fresh Tomato Pie »
  • Zucchini Pizza 11 of 20
    Zucchini Pizza
    Eating this loaded zucchini pizza is one way to go green.
    Make Zucchini Pizza »
  • Calzones 12 of 20
    Kids will love the fact that they can help you make these pizza roll-ups.
    Make Calzones »
  • Vegetarian Broccoli Pizza 13 of 20
    Vegetarian Broccoli Pizza
    Having a hard time getting your kid to eat his greens? Just throw them on a pizza and it’ll be
    easy as pie.
    Make Vegetarian Broccoli Pizza »
  • Fried Egg Pizza 14 of 20
    Fried Egg Pizza
    Do as the Romans do with this interesting mix of breakfast and dinner foods.
    Make “Fried” Egg Pizza »
  • Friday Night Pizza 15 of 20
    Friday Night Pizza
    This pizza is good (and healthy) on Friday night, Saturday night, and any other night!
    Make Friday Night Pizza »
  • Deep Dish Pizza 16 of 20
    Deep Dish Pizza
    Like your pizza chewy? Go Chicago-style with your dough and make it deep dish &mdash it’s easier than you think.
    Make Deep Dish Pizza »
  • Crackerbread Pizza 17 of 20
    Crackerbread Pizza
    Now this is what we call thin crust!
    Make Crackerbread Pizza »
  • Grilled Mango Pizza 18 of 20
    Grilled Mango Pizza
    Your barbecue is actually the best place to make a pizza. Trust us, cheese and mango have never tasted so good together.
    Make Grilled Mango Pizza »
  • Stuffed Crust Pizza 19 of 20
    Stuffed Crust Pizza
    If you really want to treat (and impress) your kids, make stuffed-crust pizza for dinner.
    Make Stuffed Crust Pizza »
  • Nutella Pizza 20 of 20
    Nutella Pizza
    Pizza for dessert? Indeed. This sweet pizza also packs a secret nutritious punch from flax… but we won’t tell if you won’t!
    Make Nutella Pizza »

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