Hot Chocolate with Raspberry Cream Hearts

There aren’t many ways to improve on a mug of real hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, unless you first fold that cream with mashed fresh raspberries, freeze it and cut it into heart shapes to float in your molten chocolate. Chocolate and raspberry is a classic pairing – and works equally well when you need to pimp up your hot chocolate!

You could of course use straight-up sweetened whipped cream – like Paula did – but if you have some fresh or frozen raspberries around, mash them with a sprinkle of sugar and fold them into the whipped cream first. No need for measurements – just don’t go higher than equal amounts berries and cream if you want to maintain its whipped-creaminess.

Spread it 1/2-1 inch thick on a foil-lined pan that will fit in your freezer, and freeze it. When it’s solid, cut it into hearts with a cookie cutter. If it’s too firm, just let it sit on the countertop for a few minutes.

Float in mugs of hot chocolate — preferably the real stuff. To make your own mix, stir together equal parts sugar and good-quality dark cocoa; whisk into warmed milk to taste.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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