Hot Dog & Spaghetti "Spiders"

How cool are these? They remind me more of threaded buttons, but to a five-year old a spider is far cooler, especially when Halloween is creeping up. I saw the idea somewhere, and now have no idea where, but the concept was so brilliant I had to make them. We’re not much of a hot dog eating family, but the boys do love them, and when I presented these spidery concoctions for lunch upon their arrival home from school the other day, they went quite gaga, as you can imagine. To make them, all you do is stick raw spaghetti through sections of hot dog — it slides right through — before throwing it in the pot of boiling water. Voila  — instant hot dog points.

These are brilliant in their simplicity — all you do is cut your hot dogs crosswise into inch-long chunks (or really, they could be any size you like), then slide spaghetti or any other thin, dry pasta through it.

You’ll need a large pot of boiling water to give them enough room to move around. They’ll take about ten minutes to cook – about the same time it would take to cook the pasta itself. Serve with ketchup, for dipping, and let the kids figure out how to eat them. (Don’t worry – they will.)

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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