How Does Your Garden Grow? 10 Easy Tips for a Successful Edible Garden

One of my favorite things about spring is waking up the garden. I love watering the new grass, mulching the beds, and watching the first green buds of spring pop-up. This year I am also planting my first ever raised garden bed. It will be so much fun! In the past I’ve always grown our vegetables in containers on our deck. Both ways works perfectly well. If you don’t have a garden in your yard you can easily grow food in a few pots on a deck or even a sunny windowsill. To help you get started here are ten fantastic tips that will help you grow your own edible garden no matter your growing conditions.

  • Herb Pot 101 1 of 10
    Herb Pot 101

    If you are growing herbs on your deck in a pot here are all the tips you need to keep them alive and thriving all summer long. At the end of the season you can even freeze your herbs and use them to flavor soups and casseroles all winter long.

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • How to Grow Food Anywhere 2 of 10
    How to Grow Food Anywhere

    If you have no backyard, not even a deck, don't worry. Jeanne and Amanda have all the tips you need to grow food anywhere. They walk you through the basics on growing just about anything and everything. Once you read their post you'll be inspired to get out the potting soil no matter where you live.

    Photo: Jeanne and Amanda

  • Just Add Worms 3 of 10
    Just Add Worms

    Catherine has some great tips about mapping out your space and letting nature help you along. Many bugs are considered pests, but worms can be a garden's best friend. Consider adding some or, at the very least, nestle them back in the dirt if you see them on the sidewalk after a rainstorm.

    Photo: Catherine McCord

  • Planning Your Vegetable Garden 4 of 10
    Plan a Vegetable Garden

    Knowing how to start planning your garden is the first step. It is easy to get carried away with what you want to grow, but you have to be realistic about what you can handle. Shaina has a terrific guide to get you started. It involves taking your growing space into account, understanding your growing climate, and taking plant maintenance into account.

    Photo: Shaina for Simple Bites

  • Invest in a Earth Box 5 of 10
    Earth Box

    If you are unsure about growing fussy plants like tomatoes and want help with watering and care consider investing in an Earth Box. Jane swears by them as being the best ways to grow plants while ensuring they have the perfect amount of water no matter how much you water (or don't!).

    Photo: Jane Maynard

  • Use Crushed Egg Shells as Fertilizer 6 of 10
    Crushed Egg Shells

    Crushed eggs shells make excellent organic fertilizer. Here, Carrie shares how she saved hers for weeks and ended up using them to fertilize tomato plants. This is a inexpensive and organic solution to fertilizing!

    Photo: Frugal Foodie Mama

  • Grow an Indoor Culinary Herb Garden 7 of 10
    Grow an Indoor Culinary Herb Garden

    You don't need a vast expanse of yard to grow herbs. In fact, here Sylvie shares how to grow an entire culinary herb garden indoors. It is simple and the materials are inexpensive. These tips will inspire just about anyone to get started today!

    Photo: Sylvie for Simple Bites

  • A Smart Tomato Growing Tip 8 of 10
    Tomato Growing Tip

    Tomatoes are one of my personal favorite fruits to grow in the garden. (Yes, tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable!) Lisa has a great tip for growing them all in a line like this. They'll produce faster which means you'll get that fresh gazpacho on your table sooner!

    Photo: Wine & Glue

  • How to Transplant Seedlings 9 of 10
    How to Transplant Seedlings

    Many times you can buy plants seedlings, or grow them yourself, indoors before they are planted. This means you have to transplant them to the garden once they are hearty enough to stay outdoors all night and day. Heidi's instructions really walk you through transplanting seedlings in just a few easy steps. The result? A well-organized edible garden with thriving plants!

    Photo: One Creative Mommy

  • Don’t Forget the Garlic 10 of 10
    All About Garlic

    Garlic is a terrific crop that thrives in most conditions. Here Kirsten walks us through all the finger points of growing garlic, as well as harvesting, roasting, and storing. Once you see how easy it is you'll definitely add this to the list!

    Photo: Farm Fresh Eats


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