How to Cook a Burger for Your Labor Day Barbecue

Dadburger Deluxe from Barbecue Secrets (Whitecap)

Many a grill will be fired up this weekend – the last long one of the summer – to cook one last celebratory dinner before school and work schedules get back into full swing. Burgers are perfect not only when you need to feed a crowd in a wide range of ages, but when you may be eating dinner standing up, sitting in a chair with a plate on your lap, at a picnic table or even running through the sprinkler. Everyone loves a good burger -they can even be made vegetarian or gluten free. Here are some great tips for making (and cooking) the perfect burger, plus a bakers’ dozen recipes to appeal to any appetite.

The secret to a great burger is a gentle touch; overhandling the meat mixture, whether you add spices, seasonings and binders or not, will result in a tough burger. Homemade burgers tend to dome in the middle as they cook; the way around this is to shape your burgers, then press a gradual indent into the middle so that the edges are thicker than the center. This way when the middle puffs up (a result of the collagen in the meat shrinking) the patty will be more level.

You can cook your burgers on a grill or in a pan on the stove – either way, don’t press down on them as they cook, or you’ll squeeze all the moisture and flavorful juices out.

Here are 13 recipes for fantastic burgers to suit every taste – beef to turkey to beans!

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