How Long to Cook a Turkey: Plus Turkey Recipes and Cornbread Stuffing

We’ve covered turkey recipes including roasting a turkey, how long to cook a turkey, turkey cooking times per pound, turkey gravy…you’d think we’d be turkeyed out by now. But no. Thanksgiving recipes are what we live for at Family Kitchen! Whether you cook a Butterball turkey or a tofu turkey, we’ve got recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast delicious. And no matter your skill level in the kitchen, you could always use a helping hand, right? As Julie wrote in her post “How to Cook a Turkey”: “Even the best cooks need a little reminder when it comes time to roast a turkey. Whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, here’s a quick run-down on the basics, and some links to great tutorials if you need extra help.”

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our best turkey recipes, turkey tips and side dishes including stuffing and appetizers such as deviled eggs…

A Turkey Recipe for The Juiciest Turkey Possible

“Cooking a turkey in the oven can make it dry unless you constantly bast it. Fortunately, I have the secret for how to cook your turkey in the oven easily and keep it juicy.” -Angie McGowan, Eclectic Recipes

Turkey Cooking Times Chart for The Perfectly Browned Turkey

“We have the turkey cooking times per pound to help you get to roasting your turkey so that it’s ready for your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow right on time.” -Shaina Olmanson, Food for My Family

How to Roast a Turkey Without a Fuss

“No brining. No stuffing. No setting the kitchen on fire when you kick over the deep-fryer. No freaking out.” -BrooklynSupper

An Easy Cornbread Recipe Made With Real Corn

“Everybody needs an easy cornbread recipe up their sleeve. Make this one yours.” -BrooklynSupper

Classic Pecan Thyme Cornbread Stuffing

“I’m typically adventurous in the kitchen, but admit to being a bit of a stuffing traditionalist; I generally don’t veer far from my mom’s usual crusty bread stuffing with onions, celery and sage. However, this thyme-spiked stuffing with cornbread and pecans wasn’t too far from my comfort level.” –Julie, Dinner with Julie

Deviled Eggs Martha Stewart Would Love

“I know, you may automatically think of deviled eggs as a summer recipe but this time of year is actually ideal as you do not need to worry about the ‘stayed out in the heat too long’ problem.” -Jennifer, Savor The Thyme

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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