How to Create an Italian Soda Bar — Perfect for Parties!

A few weeks ago my friend Cheryl posted a photo on Instagram of an Italian soda bar she had set up for her daughter’s graduation party. As soon as I saw the idea I knew I had to do it myself! We set up our first Italian soda bar this past weekend for a party, and it was a huge hit. And, also, I am now officially addicted to Italian soda bars.

DIY Italian Soda Bar

how to make italian soda

I did a little research about making your own Italian soda and learned that club soda tastes the best and half and half is a must. I do believe that these little tips made our Italian sodas the most delicious in all the land!

DIY Italian Soda Bar

Want to set up your own Italian soda bar? Of course you do! It’s perfect for summer parties or even just when you’re at home with your family. The kids think it’s super fun and the adults will love it, too.


  • Cups: I use clear cups because the soda is pretty and part of the fun is seeing your creation! I ordered these 16-ounce cups with lids on Amazon and they were perfect.
  • Straws: You will need straws to stir your soda and drink it! While paper straws are very adorable, I also had clear plastic straws on hand; I personally hate drinking out of the paper kind!
  • Ice: Put out a bowl of ice with some tongs out and you’re set in the ice department!
  • The syrup: You can get Italian soda syrups at stores like Cost Plus World Market and Smart & Final. Amazon also sells a Torani variety pack of six flavors. I bought six flavors at Cost Plus so we’d have lots of flavor options.
  • The soda: Club soda is the best. Seltzer water works, too, but club soda has a bit more flavor that works nicely with the Italian soda. (Seltzer water = water with bubbles. Club soda = water with bubbles and some minerals and stuff.)
  • Half and half: Some people top their Italian soda with whipped cream, but I personally loved mixing half and half into the soda. It was deeeeeelicious.

how to make italian soda

So, how do you actually mix an Italian soda?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Fill your cup about halfway with ice.
  2. Put some syrup into your cup. If you’re using a 16-ounce cup, you will need about six pumps of syrup. Feel free to mix and match flavors! (Orange + Vanilla is like drinking a Creamsicle!)
  3. Add club soda, leaving about an inch of space at the top of the cup.
  4. Add a splash of half and half
  5. Stir well with your straw and drink up!

Buon appetito!

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