How to Cut a Watermelon 101

Cutting WatermelonFresh watermelon is one of my family’s most beloved summer treats. I bring one home probably once a week when they are in season. I use the sweet red fruit for everything from homemade watermelon-lime popsicles (recipe to come later this summer) to awesome watermelon ice-cubes or just eating right from the source.

Over time I’ve developed a particular way that I like to cut my fresh watermelon that is uncomplicated and straightforward. I like to do it this way because it addresses the problem of cutting a round, rolling fruit – not easy when you have a big knife in your hand – and helps me cut perfect slices for my family to enjoy. Of course, once you get comfortable cutting watermelon you can always get more ambitious by making things like this hedgehog, but, until then, here is a great way to make the most of your summer fruit.

1. Wash the watermelon with warm water as you would any other fruit. Then, place it on a clean dry cutting board and stabilize it with your non-cutting hand. Have a large bowl next to the cutting board where you can place your freshly cut fruit so you don’t have to leave your station at the counter throughout this entire process.

2. Make sure the knife you are cutting with is very sharp, this will ensure clean, even cutting and lessen the possibility of blade slippage on tough rind.

Watermelon standing on end

3. Cut off each end and discard. Then, immediately stand the watermelon up on one end. Now your fruit will be stable while you complete cutting.

Watermelon in half

4. Cut the watermelon in half down the middle. Then, take one half and cut it into thin strips.

Cut into slices

5. At this point you can either cut the flesh out of the rind and place it in a bowl, or cut your strips into wedges that children can grasp by the rind and enjoy.

Cutting watermelon off rind

6. If you would like to save one half for later feel free to do so. Wrap it tightly in plastic and place it in the fridge until you are ready to eat it.

Watermelon chunks in a bowl

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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