How to Julienne Carrots

To be honest, I’d rather just use a box grater.

But sometimes, little shreds of carrots aren’t what I want. I may want something just a little nicer, a little fancier. I might want my carrots to look like little matchsticks. I might be trying to impress someone.

Julienned carrots are perfect for making California sushi rolls, or salads, or any number of things. I know there are contraptions that are supposed to julienne things, but I don’t own any of them, nor would I have the courage to go near any equipment that is both complicated and sharp. I’m a bit of a wimp. A sharp knife is about as scary as I’m comfortable with.

To julienne carrots:

Start with a peeled carrot, and cut it very thinly on a very sharp angle. You want nice long, wide slices.

Stack a few of the wide slices like so.

Very carefully, slice the stack of carrot slices into thin matchsticks.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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