How to Make a Cake Stand

I’ve always had a thing about cake stands. New ones, vintage ones, plain ones and fancy ones – over the years I’ve amassed more than any one person should have. I also love giving cake stands as gifts – they’re the sort of semi-frivolous thing many people don’t think to buy for themselves, but love to own. A stand elevates more than cakes – a batch of cookies, brownies, or a pie looks extra-special when presented on a pedestal, and a few make it easy to fill a buffet table, adding layers and height and making things interesting.

At a recent art market I came across a baking stand that had the most delicious cake stands – ones she had made herself! I bought one, then came home and consulted Pinterest and found some great cake stand ideas. Just as she had done – bought fancy plates and old candlesticks, spray-painted them and turned them into bases, gluing them to the bottoms of the plates. Could it be so simple? It really is! Even the Martha wannabes – like myself – can do it. They’re my kinda crafty.

I popped by Value Village (our local thriftstore) and bought a few plates, candlesticks, and those cheap clear and coloured bud vases for $1-$2 apiece.

Spray paint that works on glass or metal is easy to find in a wide range of colours – mine were $4 at Wal-Mart. The first one I made, however, didn’t even require paint –

I simply washed and dried (I popped it into a warm oven to ensure there was no condensation left in the bottom) a narrow-necked vase and glued it onto the bottom of a fancy-edged plate using Weldbond – a white glue that looks just like Elmer’s, but says it bonds all materials. And it did!

Make sure it’s well-centred so your cake stand doesn’t tip!

Voila – a beautiful cake stand that took about 5 minutes! Think of all the possible plate-vase-candlestick combinations!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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