How to Make the Best Buffalo Chicken Legs Ever

Buffalo Chicken Legs
Tailgate Party Favorite: Buffalo Chicken Legs

There are a few things I’ve learned in my years, both as a cook and as a woman.

1. Most men love football.
2. Most men love Buffalo flavored things.
3. I don’t really love football or Buffalo flavored things.

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So, I’m not the biggest football fan, unless we’re talking UCLA Bruins football, and that’s just because it’s my alma mater. Truth be told, I enjoy basketball much more.

And I’m not the biggest Buffalo wing sauce fan, although it is growing on me. Truth be told, I enjoy Buffalo popcorn much more.

One thing I am NOT a fan of at all? Chicken wings.

If I’m going to get THAT messy, I need a little more reward. Chicken wings have one good bite of meat and you still get just as messy. My solution? Buffalo chicken legs.

In this video I share my recipe for Buffalo Chicken Legs, which are baked, not fried. I also layer the dry seasonings for an extra blast of lick-smacking flavor that always receive cheers from my home team.

Watch my video and tell me, What food do you prepare for others that you don’t necessarily love?

Get the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Legs as seen in the video here.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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