How to Make Buttermilk Substitute

There are many times in life when a substitute just won’t do. There is no substitute for a hug from Mom, a perfect report card or a good nights sleep. But in the kitchen, substitutes can be necessary, and sometimes, mandatory.

I bake with buttermilk. A lot. So, most of my cupcakes, cakes and scones, even the occasional potato recipe, call for buttermilk. And in a perfect world, in my perfect world, there is no substitute for buttermilk. But because I am asked, I offer a solution for buttermilk deprived bakers. And I had never tried this substitute — until now.

Watch BUTTERMILK HOTLINE and tell me, what do you do when you see buttermilk listed in the ingredients? Do you get the quart out of your fridge? Do you reach for the vinegar or do you just find another recipe?

Buttermilk Substitute

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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