How To Make Confetti Eggs / Cascarones

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It starts with February 1st — any time an egg is made in my house it has to be broken a certain way to ensure there are plenty of Confetti Eggs for Easter. Carefully hitting the top of the egg with the heavy end of a fork or butter knife, then ever so delicately peeling away just a big enough hole to let the egg squeeze out of the shell. The egg shell then gets rinsed with cold water (because hot water will make the egg shell smell) and placed in a carton to be used once Easter time rolls around. I’ve been teaching my son this tradition that I grew up with along with so many other Latin families. I foresee Confetti Eggs or “Cascarones,” or they’re called in Spanish eventually becoming as popular as the piñata with a huge mass appeal. It is such a fun project to get kids involved with to build the excitement of the Easter holiday. I tell my son, “We are going to fill these Cascarones with confetti, then on Easter you are allowed to break the Confetti Egg on someone’s head. Make sure not to get too much in Mommy’s hair.”

The other day I was at Target picking up all my supplies for Easter and that included my Confetti Eggs / Cascarones tissue paper and crayons. Then I wandered into the grocery section of the store looking for food coloring to dye my eggs with… found a box of four colors and throw it in the cart. I all of the sudden remembered I had seen a package of Paas coloring kit made exclusively for Target with the color cups included. I thought that will make this process way easier and my son will like the egg shaped colorful cups. I put the food coloring back and replaced it with the egg coloring kit. As soon as we got home, my son and I started coloring the eggs with crayons to prepare them for a dye bath and eventually to be filled with confetti. I can’t wait for Easter this year.


  • Confetti Eggs / Cascarones 1 of 15
    Colorful decorated egg shells filled with confetti.
  • Empty Shell 2 of 15
    Break a hole at the top of an egg and empty it out. Then rinse the egg shell and allow it to dry.
  • Crayons 3 of 15
    Draw any design on your egg.
  • Exclusive Only At Target 4 of 15
    Coloring kit of dye tablets and plastic coloring cups.
  • Vinegar and Dye Tablets 5 of 15
    Drop one tablet in each cup and fill to the first line marked on the cup with vinegar. Follow directions on package.
  • Lower The Egg Shell Into The Dye 6 of 15
    Use a special tool to avoid getting your hands dirty.
  • Turn The Egg In The Dye 7 of 15
    Rotate the egg in the dye to ensure it is colored all around.
  • Remove From Dye 8 of 15
    Empty any dye from main cavity of the egg.
  • Let It Dry 9 of 15
    Place your freshly colored egg in an egg carton to dry overnight.
  • Bring On The Confetti 10 of 15
    Either buy confetti or with a paperpunch make your own out of construction paper. Place confetti in a ziplock and snip off one of the edges of the bag for easy pouring.
  • Fill The Eggs To The Half Way Point 11 of 15
    These eggs are ready for the next step.
  • Tissue Paper And A Glue Stick 12 of 15
    Cut tissue paper into 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch squares.
  • Glue Around The Edges 13 of 15
    WIth a glue stick, carefully trace around the edge of the egg opening.
  • Topping With A Cover 14 of 15
    Cover the egg opening with a piece of tissue paper and press all along the edges to ensure a seal.
  • Confetti Egg/ Cascaron 15 of 15
    Bombs away!


Supplies needed for Confetti Eggs / Cascarones:

  • Eggs Shells (with a little hole on top, emptied, rinsed and dried)
  • Crayons
  • Paas Coloring Kit
  • Confetti
  • A Glue Stick
  • Tissue Paper


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