Jell-O Recipes for Kids

  • Jell-O Recipes for Kids 1 of 17
    16 fun jiggly desserts and snacks
  • Simple Jell-O Sandcastles 2 of 17
    Simple Jell-O Sandcastles
    If you’ve been building sandcastles at the beach all summer long, why not try it in the kitchen? Have your kids add the marshmallow tops and the brown sugar “sand” for a bit of sunshine on
    a rainy afternoon.
    Make Jell-O sandcastles »
  • Jell-O Fishbowl 3 of 17
    Jell-O Fishbowl
    Wow your little ones with this whimsical treat packed with Sweedish Fish and jelly-bean "rocks.” They’ll never look at Jell-O the same way again.
    Make Jell-O fishbowl for kids »
  • Fruity Jell-O Shots 4 of 17
    Fruity Jell-O Shots
    These “shots” may remind parents of those wild college years, but we think this nonalcoholic version, served up with a side of gummies, is way more fun than any frat party.
    Make fruity Jell-O shots »
  • Jell-O Petri Dish Treats 5 of 17
    Jell-O Petri Dish Treats
    It’s alive! The creepy-crawly factor from these jiggly Jell-O petri dishes and sour gummy worms make eating them all that more delightful. A great snack for a science-group study break, perhaps?
    Make Jell-O Petri dish treats »
  • Vegan Jell-O with Agar Agar 6 of 17
    Vegan Jell-O with Agar Agar
    Didn’t think it was possible to eat Jell-O after going vegan? Think again! Vegan- and vegetarian-friendly ingredient Agar Agar works to make all types of gelatin recipes without animal byproducts.
    Make vegan gelatin »
  • Red, White and Blue Jell-O Stars 7 of 17
    Red, White and Blue Jell-O Stars
    These stars are perfect for any patriotic holiday, but you can also try making them with different colors and shapes. Let the kids pick!
    Make red, white and blue JellO stars »
  • Frozen Jell-O Fruit Popsicles 8 of 17
    Frozen Jell-O Fruit Popsicles
    If it's too hot for plain-old Jell-O, try it as a frozen treat. These Jell-O popsicles are loaded with fruit, making this an extra sweet, refreshing snack.
    Make frozen Jell-O fruit popsicles »
  • Stained-Glass Jell-O 9 of 17
    Stained-Glass Jell-O
    Pretty as a picture! You might want to take a photograph of these beautiful stained-glass Jell-O squares once you make them because your kids will gobble them up fast.
    Make stained glass Jell-O »
  • Rainbow Jellies 10 of 17
    Rainbow Jellies
    Who doesn’t love a colorful, jiggly treat? These jellies would be a fun snack to make when your child is learning about ROY G. BIV in class.
    Make rainbow jellies »
  • Jell-O Parfait 11 of 17
    Jell-O Parfait
    Throw a few dollops of Cool Whip on top of some Jell-O cubes, and you’ve got a simple, chilled summer treat for the family.
    Make Jell-O parfait »
  • Pineapple-Raspberry Jell-O Bites 12 of 17
    Pineapple-Raspberry Jell-O Bites
    Think kid-friendly Jell-O can’t work as a grown-up appetizer? These elegant pineapple-raspberry squares will make you reconsider.
    Make pineapple-raspberry Jell-O bites »
  • Striped Jell-O Bites 13 of 17
    Striped Jell-O Bites
    Earn your (Jell-O) stripes! This layered treat is a beautiful appetizer for a party — or just a dressed-up afternoon snack.
    Make striped Jell-O bites »
  • Summer Cherry Jell-O Salad 14 of 17
    Summer Cherry Jell-O Salad
    Can you call something this sweet a true salad? With cherries, yogurt and sliced almonds, this treat can be served as a side during dinner or as a fruity dessert.
    Make summer cherry Jell-O salad »
  • Fruity Jell-O Cups 15 of 17
    Fruity Jell-O Cups
    For parent chefs who need to break out of the Jell-O mold: If you find your gelatin creation crumbling, make it work with pretty cups like these — and a little kitchen magic.
    Make fruity Jell-O cups »
  • Raspberry Lemonade Jell-O Squares 16 of 17
    Raspberry Lemonade Jell-O Squares
    If you’re a lemonade-lover who wishes you could eat it for dessert, too, these jello bites are just for you. Easy and elegant, this recipe will convince you that it’s hip — and tasty! — to be square.
    Make raspberry lemonade jello squares »
  • Grape Jiggle Cups 17 of 17
    Grape Jiggle Cups
    Kids can get their fruit fix and sweet fix with these cups, which are made with 100% grape juice to cut down on the sugar factor.
    Make grape jiggle cups »

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