Orange Pomanders: Fill the Air with Holiday Cheer!

With their holiday aromas of orange and clove, homemade pomanders create a festive atmosphere by filling the air with Christmas cheer. They are a powerful natural air freshener, and meld delightfully with the scent of fresh pine. There are many uses for pomanders — they can be dried and will smell wonderful for years, they can be made into ornaments, or even used to heighten the flavor of cider, sangria, or mulled wine. They also make a gorgeous (and oh-so-fragrant) holiday centerpiece!

However you want to use them, follow these simple instructions for incredibly fragrant homemade pomanders.

Orange Pomanders

whole cloves
string (if curing)
awl, or similarly pointed object

Before you begin, decide how you’d like to use your pomander. Either way, you’ll want to pre-punch the clove holes so the clove isn’t crushed while being driven into the orange.

If using as a centerpiece, or in a hot beverage, stud the orange with as many, or few cloves as you like. Set into a large pot with cider or wine, or stack in a large bowl.

To cure the pomander, tie a ribbon or string around the orange so that it can hang, and then stud all over with closely spaced cloves. Set in a paper bag, and store in a cool place for 3 or 4 weeks. Remove and enjoy. Cured pomanders can keep for years!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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