How To Make Posada Candy Bags (Aguinaldos)

Posada time is here and also all of the festivities that come along with it.  From Dec.16th to Dec. 24th posadas are celebrated each night in Mexico. Many Mexican/Americans celebrate here in the states as well, including me and my family. At posadas you eat a variety of food, drink ponche, light candles, sing songs, and crack piñatas open.  One of the main things I used to love about going to a posada as a kid was the breaking of the piñata filled with cookies, peanuts, citrus (tangerines or mandarins), colacion, and other Mexican candy.  I also remember the host would give away posada bags filled with the same treats from the piñata to the adults. These bags are called “aguinaldos.” The idea of the aguinaldos is that no one is left without receiving the benefits of the piñata or sharing in the joy of the feast.  Now as a adult I make sure to prepare lots of posada bags for my holiday party.  I appreciate it and so do all my friends and family.


  • Aguinaldos / Posada Candy Bags 1 of 11
    posada candy bags

    These little bags hold the spirit of the posada celebration. They remind me of an old fashioned Mexican Christmas, and it's a tradition I will not ever lose. 

  • The Supplies 2 of 11

    These are the items I used to fill up my bag. 

  • Canel’s 3 of 11

    I absolutely adore this little chewing gum... it comes in a wide variety of flavors. Try it in Anis, Rum, or Cinnamon. How's that for yummy chewable flavors to freshen up with?

  • Roasted Peanuts 4 of 11

    I use roasted peanuts that are slightly burned on the shell. 

  • Tangerines 5 of 11

    Every posada bag must have citrus in it. Tangerines or mandarins are even put into the piñata. 

  • Mazapan 6 of 11

    Peanut candy mazapan style then dipped in chocolate.... Oh yeah! I would love to find this in my aguinaldo. 

  • Colacion 7 of 11

    Colacion is a collection of Mexican hard candy. The spiky ones have a anis center that is fantistic! You can't make a posada bag without a scoop of colacion in each. 

  • Pecans 8 of 11

    A wide variety of nuts can be used.... I used pecans for my bags. 

  • Animal Cookies 9 of 11

    Plain animal cookies are a must have in a posada bag. 

  • Cajeta (Goat’s Milk Caramel) Paleton 10 of 11

    Goat milk lollipops are perfect as a little cajeta treat. 

  • Pack It All In A Bag 11 of 11

    Place little scoops of each item all in a bag, and tie with a bow. Happy Holiday Season To You And Yours!


Ingredients needed for posada bags:


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