How to Make Turkey Stock and What to Do With It

Photo: Cheddar & Ale Soup from Dinner with Julie

There will be plenty of turkey carcasses needing to be turned into stock this week. Luckily, the leftovers from a roasted chicken or turkey is the best base for simple stock. Here are simple directions to turn your leftovers into stock – and once you have a fridge or freezer full, some delicious uses for it. In general, you can simply swap the chicken stock in any recipe for turkey stock.

Roasting or browning any type of meat improves its flavor, so roasting the meaty bones before you make stock intensifies the flavor and creates a deeper, richer color. To make a quick and easy stock with your turkey carcass, put it in a pot and cover it with water. Add a small quartered onion and a chopped carrot if you like, and simmer the mixture for about half an hour. Remove it from the heat and set it aside until it’s cool enough that you can shred whatever meat is left off the bones (if you want meaty stock), otherwise you can just strain it through a fine sieve and discard the bones and vegetables.

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