How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar

We’re getting into baking season, which means stocking up on staples like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, nuts and chocolate – and running out of ingredients halfway through a recipe. I’m sure this has happened to you. Good news – if that ingredient is brown sugar, you can totally make your own. And control how dark and sticky it is by the amount of molasses you add. It’s simple.

Brown sugar is essentially white sugar with molasses added – the darker the brown sugar the more molasses it contains. To make basic golden brown sugar, you’ll need a ratio of about 1 cup white sugar to 1 Tbsp. dark molasses. Work the two together with a fork, or use an electric mixer. It will clump together at first, but eventually blend in completely, and look exactly like the brown sugar you get by the bag. Use it just as you would use any brown sugar in a recipe.

If you want darker brown sugar, simply add a bit more molasses. Simple. Store extras in a tightly sealed container to prevent it from drying out.

Now that you have an unlimited supply of brown sugar, try using it in one of these sweet treats – all six bring out the best in brown sugar!

  • Brown Sugar Blueberry Muffins 1 of 6
    Brown Sugar Blueberry Muffins
    The very best blueberry muffins are made with brown sugar - it adds a slight richness and chewy, caramelly flavour. Yum. Click here for the recipe!
  • Crêpes with Brown Sugared Pears & Chocolate 2 of 6
    Crêpes with Brown Sugared Pears & Chocolate
    Perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert, crepes with brown sugared pears are divine - with chocolate drizzle or brown sugar sweetened whipped cream! Click here for the recipe!
  • Brown Sugar Bacon & Waffles 3 of 6
    Brown Sugar Bacon & Waffles
    There may be no better way to eat bacon than candied, with brown sugar. Unless it's wrapped in a waffle... Click here for the recipe!
  • Brown Sugar Tea Cake 4 of 6
    Brown Sugar Tea Cake
    This moist brown sugar tea cake is a perfect standby when you need something stackable with tea or coffee, or for after school. Nothing beats the smell of a brown sugar cake baking as you walk in the door on a cold day. Click here for the recipe!
  • Brown Sugar Corn Lollipops 5 of 6
    Brown Sugar Corn Lollipops
    Here's a combo you may not have thought of - corn on the cob doused in brown sugar! Think caramel corn, in its original form. Click here for the recipe!
  • Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie 6 of 6
    Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie
    A fall classic, pumpkin pie gets a wonderful boost from brown sugar - the darker the better. Serve with a dollop of brown sugar sweetened whipped cream. Click here for the recipe!

Sprinkle some of your homemade brown sugar on this pumpkin pie oatmeal for an instant pick-me-up! Get the recipe here!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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