How to Pick a Watermelon

The watermelon. Are you constantly plagued by the ability to choose the freshest, juiciest watermelon? Do you struggle with ending up with mealy ones that are sweet but gritty or those that are look perfect but end up tasteless? Here are a few tips from Dawn Bryan from The Qualipedia to help you pick the sweetest watermelon and truly satisfy that summer craving.


::To find your juiciest watermelon you first must look at the coloring: it should have bright firm skin, be symmetrical, and free of cuts, major bruises and scars
::Pick up the watermelon to feel whether it is heavy. The heavier the melon the more water it contains, which translates to a very luscious fruit
:: Make sure that you pick a melon that is the right size for your needs — you don’t want to waste any juicy bite
::The last test you need is the thumping method. You want to hold the watermelon close to your ear, thump it, and listen for a hollow sound. This means that you’ve got yourself a good melon


If your watermelon isn’t quite ready to serve, make sure that you store it at room temperature. However, if you have a melon that’s ready to eat you can cool it off in your fridge for a couple of hours so that when you’re ready to serve it, it’s ice cold and delicious. Be sure to wrap all your leftovers in plastic and keep them in the refrigerator.


There are a variety of ways you can eat– and drink—this tasty fruit. While biting into an icy chunk of watermelon is very refreshing, there are also new recipes you can try to spruce up the ways you enjoy this summertime staple. Check out these ten wild and wacky watermelon recipes that will have you enjoying your fill and then some.

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