How To “Supreme” Citrus Fruit

Ever look through a food magazine or watch a cooking show and wonder how they get those perfect, intact slices of fruit to garnish a dish?

Me too.

Turns out, the technique is quite easy – it’s called “supreming” and it works on any kind of citrus fruit, resulting in nice whole sections each time. Not to mention that this is a handy term to pull out when you want to impress your friends (or finish a crossword puzzle….).

Let’s get started!

  • Don’t Let the Name Fool You! 1 of 9
    how to supreme citrus fruit

    "Supreming" sounds fancy, but is quite easy. All you need is a sharp knife!

  • Choosing Your Fruit 2 of 9
    supreme citrus fruit, grapefruits and oranges

    Look for fruits that are plump and heavy for their size - these will yield the best sections.

  • Slice Off the Ends 3 of 9
    supreme citrus fruit, slicing the ends off orange

    Start by slicing off both ends - the "stem" end and the opposite side. You want to slice just enough to reveal the sections within.

  • Cut Away the Peel 4 of 9
    supreme citrus fruit, cut away the peel

    Next, cut away the peel. Closely follow the curve of the fruit, to remove as much of the pith as possible. But don't worry if you can't get every last bit of pith. Unless Gordon Ramsey is coming for dinner. Then definitely worry.

  • Remove the Sections 5 of 9
    supreme citrus fruit, cut away the segments

    Working from top to bottom, slice along either side of the membrane to release each section of the fruit.

  • Works For Grapefruits Too! 6 of 9
    supreme fruit, cut grapefruit

    Use the same technique for grapefruits! Simply slice off both ends...

  • Remove The Peel 7 of 9
    supreme fruit, peeled grapefruit

    ...cut away the peel (including as much of the white "pith" as possible), 

  • Cut Out the Fruit 8 of 9
    supreme fruit, cut away segments

    and slice down between the membranes to neatly remove the fruit!

  • Start Supreming! 9 of 9
    supreme fruit, grapefruit fennel parmesan salad

    Now that you're a pro, I'm sure you'll want a recipe to show off your newly acquired skills. How about this salad? Mild and bitter greens, and thinly shaved fennel and radishes are topped with parmesan curls and bright pink grapefruit segments. Enjoy!
    Get the recipe at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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