How to Use Chia Seeds! And a Breakfast Bowl.

Yesterday I finally got around to buying a bag of chia seeds. I found them in the bulk section of Whole Foods. For months now, I have been hearing my fellow blogger buddies rave about their chia seed puddings, chia seed muffins and even chia seeds sprinkled simply over top salads. I asked my twitter followers “what do I do with them?” And the response was wild. My reply inbox was bombarded by enthusiastic chia seed fans with tips and ideas for use. People love their chia seeds! Chia seeds are especially popular among the raw vegan food bloggers and super food fans. Learn more and get my very first chia seed recipe..

Chia Seed Nutrition. One Lucky Duck, of my favorite online stores for buying healthy ingredients has this to say about Chia Seeds:

“Chia seeds are being rediscovered as one of nature’s most nutritious foods. High in protein, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and calcium, Chia seeds are also the world’s richest source of Omega-3.”

Other chia seed nutrition benefits – from the One Lucky Duck site:

* Chia Seeds contain more than 60% omega-3 fatty acids, higher percentage than any other source.
* Easy to digest.
* Chia Seeds can absorb up to 30 times their weight in water. This soluble fiber cleans the intestines by binding and transporting debris from the intestinal walls so that it can be eliminated efficiently and regularly.

Uses (suggestions from my twitter friends):
* smoothies
* chia pudding
* overnight chia – like overnight oats
* chia in muffins
* sprinkle over salads
* chia granola bars
* chia in soups
* raw chia crackers
* chia in dips

Curious to try them? Well I was. But when I bought the seeds, I was a bit un-enthused because they basically looked like poppy seeds. And I know that poppy seeds are dry, crunchy little bits that aren’t really pleasing to add raw. But after trying chia seeds, I found that they are nothing like poppy seeds. I’d say that they are like hemp seeds, meet poppy seeds meet tapioca pearls. Let me explain..

Taste Test. I folded 2 Tbsp of the seeds into my plain soy yogurt. Then I folded in 1 Tbsp maple syrup. Then tasted. Mildly crunchy at this point. So I let them sit.

I knew in a few minutes the chia seeds would do their magic. Yup. They effectively absorbed some of the yogurt moisture and plumped up into little beeds. Almost like tiny bits of tapioca. The seeds became squishy and pleasing. The outside soft and slippery while the inside still had a lite crunch, like a rice crispy.

..I am now a chia seed fan! Get my easy recipe below..

Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl
serves 1

1 1/2 cups plain or vanilla soy yogurt
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1/2 cup chopped banana
1 fig, sliced
(or sub with other fresh fruit)

To make:

1. Pour the yogurt and maple syrup into bowl.
2. Add seeds. Stir well. Let sit for at least 5 minutes.
3. Top with fresh fruit and serve!

You could also make this ahead of time and let the chia seeds absorb overnight for optimal moistness.

I can’t wait to try and share more chia seed recipes with you!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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