I Got Everything I Need At Target For My Ideal Easter Basket

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I remember my childhood Easters so vividly. My mom would work so hard on my holiday baskets. Some years she made the actual basket, and filled them with all my favorite treats. I could count on nice chocolate, jelly beans, some type of marshmallow, Cadbury eggs, fruity candy, malt balls, a book, and a toy or stuffed animal. I also remember that she would have to run all over town to buy the supplies to complete my basket. From store to store to find this and that. Poor Momma…. I appreciate all her efforts and think back fondly.

My, how times have changed. With Easter around the corner and me being a mom now, all I have to do is jump in  my car and head in one direction to my nearest Target. That’s it. Everything I need to assemble a fabulous basket is under one roof. How I put it together, and what I choose to put in it makes it special and unique. They have a wide variety of candy and cute containers, and products exclusively made for Target like the new white chocolate M&M’s. There is also an assortment of books and toys to add to the fun. It is the optimal place for your Easter basket buying. They have big baskets and small ones… you pick what is best for your loved one. Enjoy! Happy Easter!

  • Ideal Easter Basket 1 of 6
    Ideal Easter Basket
  • Assorted Treats From Target 2 of 6
    Assorted Treats From Target
    I purchased all the items for my basket at Target.
  • Get The Grass In 3 of 6
    Get The Grass In
    Make sure to place grass on the bottom of the basket.
  • Fill To The Top 4 of 6
    Fill To The Top
    I used 4 packages of grass to fill basket
  • Place Largest Items In The Back Of The Basket 5 of 6
    Place Largest Items In The Back Of The Basket
    Start by putting largest items at the back of the basket.
  • Place Smallest Items Up Front 6 of 6
    Place Smallest Items Up Front
    Place smallest items up front and if item is super small prop it up with a few pieces of candy or plastic eggs so all items can show.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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