Ice Cream Doughnuts Are Now a Thing — and Trust Us, They Are Glorious

From the Cronut to the Avocado Burger Bun, there’s always a new trendy food taking over our Instagram feeds. And while we wouldn’t jump off a bridge if everyone else was … we certainly will trek to Pasedena in the pursuit of some much-raved about Ice Cream Doughnuts. After all, how often do two of our favorite desserts come together in such a spectacular (if absurdly calorie-packed) treat? (Well, OK, they’ve been a thing on Pinterest for quite some time but whatever.)

The trendy dessert has gone viral this week thanks to B Sweet Dessert Bar in California that posted some incredibly gorgeous shots of their version of the treat (which they call the “Halo”):

We also have our #Ube Blondie, Ube Bread Pudding, Speculoos Cheesecake, Banana Cream Pie and WAY more!

Open till 11pm tonight! Can’t wait to party!

Pic: @goodeatzco

We also have #HaloHalo, 6 weekly flavors of our famous hot bread pudding, Leche Flan Cake and WAY more!

And don’t forget to load up on treats for all your #FourthOfJuly parties! Tomorrow is your last chance to enjoy items from this week’s menu.

Open till 11pm tonight! Come party!

Pic: @eatupcali

Hungry yet? Well, we were immediately salivating when we saw these images and figured we just had to find out for ourselves if all the hype was justified.

While we couldn’t make it to the West LA B Sweet location, we did find another version of ice cream doughnuts at Afters Ice Cream in Pasadena, CA. At Afters, they refer to the dessert as “milky buns” and they offer 15 different ice cream flavors and a bevy of toppings for you to mix, match, and sandwich between a glazed doughnut. They even have exclusive Hello Kitty-themed flavors, if that’s your jam.

Our choices? Black Sesame + Fruity Pebbles (top), Mint Monster + Sprinkles (middle), and Cookie Monster + M&Ms:

ice cream doughnuts
Image source: Ashley Lam

As you can imagine, they were all equally amazing and we feel 0 guilt about all the ice cream doughnuts we plan on consuming in the (possibly quite near) future.

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