14 Snack Recipes for Busy Moms

  • 14 Snack Recipes for Busy Moms 1 of 15
    Easy ideas for eating on the go
  • Chocolate Power Shake 2 of 15
    This frosty, creamy, intensely chocolate-y shake will make you feel pampered and satisfied. All you need to do is drop a straw in and sip for hands-free deliciousness.
    Make a chocolate power shake »
  • Mango Lime Fruit Leather 3 of 15
    Don’t have the hands to cut up fresh fruit? Get your fix with this additive-free fruit leather, which you can easily eat with one hand. Make mango lime fruit leather »
  • Fruit and Oat Granola Bars 4 of 15
    Whip up a nutritious granola bar like the President’s chef with this recipe straight from his kitchen! Then stuff it in your diaper bag to have on you when hunger strikes.
    Make fruit and oat granola bars »
  • Apple Crisps 5 of 15
    We transformed fruit into chips to make it more snack-friendly — and a little less juicy and messy — for moms who have enough to clean up after.
    Make apple crisps »
  • PB on Mini Oatmeal Flax Cracker Sandwiches 6 of 15
    Mini-sandwiches are especially handy when balancing baby, bags, and a stroller. Just pop a couple of these portable crunchies in your mouth while you’re out and about.
    Make PB on oatmeal flax cracker sandwiches »
  • Zucchini Bites 7 of 15
    One second and a couple of fingers — that’s all it takes to grab a zucchini bite. A savory morsel (or two or three … ) will curb your hunger and delight your taste buds.
    Make zucchini bites »
  • Baked Sweet Potato Chips 8 of 15
    Hide a baggie of these sweet potato chips in the back of your stroller and you’ve got a healthier (and just as convenient) replacement for that greasy vending-machine stuff.
    Make baked sweet potato chips »
  • Quick Pickled Carrots 9 of 15
    Carrot sticks are a reliable, healthy snack for a busy mom, but it might be time to shake things up with this pickled version — it’ll give you the zest you’ve been missing.
    Make quick pickled carrots »
  • Homemade Cheese Crackers 10 of 15
    Keep your pantry stocked with this snack for easy access to some whole-grain goodness — a couple handfuls will tide you over 'til post-bedtime dinner.
    Make homemade cheese crackers »
  • Pepperoni Pizza Puffs 11 of 15
    Bite-sized and pizza-licious, these fluffy puffs are ridiculously simple to make — and when you’re feeding baby with one hand, you can easily eat these with the other.
    Make pepperoni pizza puffs »
  • Smoky Paprika Parsnip Chips 12 of 15
    This smoky, crispy concoction is good to the last munch — and you don’t have to put your kid down to keep snacking on ’em.
    Make smoky paprika parsnip chips »
  • GORP 13 of 15
    A salty-sweet handful of GORP will give you the energy boost you need on the go or at home. The few minutes it takes to throw this together are well worth the hours it’ll keep you satisfied.
    Make GORP »
  • Granola Peanut-Butter Bites 14 of 15
    Just because you have a baby glued to your hip doesn’t mean you should go hungry. These sweet nibbles are full of healthy grains and require just one loose hand for snacking.
    Make granola peanut butter bites »
  • Low-Fat Chocolava Cookies 15 of 15
    These chunky, chewy, chocolate treats fit in the palm of your hand. The best part? They’re low-fat (you burn enough calories from carrying baby anyway!).
    Make low-fat chocolava cookies »

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