Incredible Super Bowl Snacks: 3 Fantastic Recipes

Super Bowl snacks: a great potato skins recipeEveryone has their favorite Super Bowl snacks. I like classic recipes, especially ones that involve melted cheese! But of all the Super Bowl snacks, my favorites are potato skins, nachos, and guacamole. The reason for the strong association stems from two facts. One, the Super Bowl is a party event and you can’t just break out a bag of sour cream and onion chips for company. Two, football has way too many commercials. So many commercials that people try to convince themselves that they like watching Super Bowl commercials. Then they see yet another brainless Go Daddy ad and realize they need something to do during the constant stoppages in the game. That’s where the food comes in.

Potato skins are typically eaten only in the kinds of bars and restaurants that you don’t typically frequent as much once you have children, so they’re a good treat to make at home. Loaded with bacon, cheese, and sour cream, these classic potato skins are just as good as you remember.

Nothing says messy, tasty fun party food like a plate of nachos. With infinite variations, they’re easy to customize to your guests’ tastes. They also pair nicely with beer, the traditional beverage of the Super Bowl as evidenced by the number of Budweiser commercials.

Super Bowl snacks: nachos

Supposedly so many people make guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday that half of all avocados consumed in America are consumed on that day. That’s actually an urban legend. The real number is 2 or 3%, still a lot! The reason is, guacamole is a delicious and fun dip that couldn’t be easier to make.

Super Bowl snacks: guacamole

Looking for more great Super Bowl recipes? Check out these six easy and surprising salsas. We also have a round-up of five simple to make, no-cook Super Bowl snacks. Finally, we have a round-up of 20 (!) favorite Super Bowl recipes.

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