There’s Now an Instant Pot Blender and It Sounds Like Pure Magic

At right, a full view of the Instant Pot Blender. At left, a top-down view of the Instant Pot Blender making ice cream.
Image Source: Walmart

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If you’ve developed a serious and unrelenting addiction to your Instant Pot in recent years, you’re certainly not alone. I mean, the impressive, 7-in-1 multi-functional electric cooker can literally do it all, acting as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer, all in one. It can even sauté. What sorcery is that?!

It’s no wonder then why the Instant Pot has amassed legions of fans since it first hit the market back in 2006. It’s also no wonder why amateur cooks everywhere are basically squealing over the news that an Instant Pot Blender is now available, exclusively at Walmart. That’s right, folks — an INSTANT POT BLENDER HAS ARRIVED. Who knew we even needed such a thing?

And yet we do. Oh, how we do …

An image of the Instant Pot Blender with fruit filling its glass pitcher.
Image Source: Walmart

It’s called the Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender, and it comes with eight “Smart Built-in Programs.” Four of them can be used for cold blending — so you can make all the smoothies and homemade ice cream you can handle. The other four are meant for heating food while blending, so you can make yummy purées, cozy soups, and more. It can even get hot enough to boil liquid. (Don’t worry, the actual blender pitcher is made of durable glass, so it’s designed to hold up against high temperatures.)

It also has lots of handy attachments and extra features, including a mesh strainer bag that you can use when making your own oat, rice, or nut milks. (You know, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious.)

A top-down view of the Instant Pot Blender shows that it's made a butternut squash soup.
Image Source: Walmart

Suddenly wondering if this will render your Magic Bullet or Vitamix totally obsolete? Honestly, it just might. Especially with a price tag of just $99.

Considering how wildly popular the original Instant Pot has been (just poke your head into Amazon and check out the reviews, which basically hail the thing as the second coming), I’m willing to bet this new blender might just reach the same level of cult status.

A view of the Instant Pot Blender making a strawberry smoothie.
Image Source: Walmart

The 5-star reviews are already rolling in on Walmart.com, with most reviewers claiming the blender really can do it all. Some are calling it the “best blender I’ve ever tried,” while others have already used it to make piña coladas and gazpacho soup.

Yum — you had me at piña colada.



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