Introduce a Raw Food Diet to your Kids with these Simple, Healthy Treats

I really like the idea behind the raw food movement. I think too many families rely on cheap, overprocessed food with a massive amount of preservatives to feed their families. It makes seems to make sense that a diet full of food in it’s most clean, natural state would benefit our bodies. But, “going raw” sounds terribly daunting. Especially when I’m trying to feed a family full of kids who snub their noses at the slightly mention of carrot sticks. Hoping to better understand the benefits of eating raw, and the best way to introduce more raw foods into our family menu, I turned to Bryan Au, author of Raw in Ten Minutes and star of the Eco Chef iPhone App.  Here are Chef Au’s best tips on introducing raw into your family menu in a deliciously simple way. 

Me: Why should parents consider a raw diet for their children? What are the benefits of eating raw?

Bryan Au: There are many benefits of going RAW. For one you will be able to prevent and in many cases reverse: autism, diabetes, obesity, cancer, asthma, many modern day conditions! There are many personal testimonials and health institutes that post real life cases and information as well as doctors on the internet to prove these facts. A lot of research indicates that scientists believe autism and juvenille diabetes can be caused by pesticides and chemicals found in inorganic or processed foods. RAW foods is 100% Organic, all natural and healthy that will strengthen our immunity, helps kids grow up strong and healthy while also saving you money and protecting the environment! There is no other cuisine or diet that is as healthy or beneficial as RAW. It is also fast, fun, delicious and very safe for kids to make as well. 

Everyone wants to eat more healthy, more organic and to prevent disease or illness well RAW is the best and safest way possible for kids and adults! It is completely vegetarian and vegan so you don’t have to worry about contaminated seafood or mad cow disease or anything funny like that. It is pure, whole, organic healthy food that is all natural, fresh and fun. Every doctor tells us to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with raw recipes you can do just that in the most new, unique, enjoyable and delicious ways possible. It happens to be the most eco as well so you will be doing your part to save the environment and planet.

Some of the main reasons why RAW food works and is so healthy is because you are not cooking, baking or frying anything so you are not creating any toxins or carcinogens that are associated with that, and all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are intact which benefits your body and health in wonderful ways that normally are completely destroyed when you cook food or bake it. So you are really saving money, adding value, benefits and so much more in the RAW!

Me: How can parents who are unfamiliar and unaccustomed to eating & feeding their kiddo’s raw foods begin doing so?

Bryan Au:   [While writing my book]  I made sure my recipes are kid tested and approved they love it and adults do too. Kids are so honest I actually chose their favorite recipes to be included in the book and people really enjoy it. I did the most research out of all and any raw recipe books to make sure they are the most optimal, easy and tasty.

Me: Do you advocate an exclusively raw diet? How can the majority of regular-American-food eater’s learn to make the switch from their current menu’s to one that is more healthful and nutritious?

Bryan Au: I do not advocate a 100% Exclusive Raw Diet. If people want to try that it is a great experience but it is absolutely not necessary to be 100% RAW to get benefits. Gabriel Cousens MD a doctor who has healed and cured many people using RAW Foods Diet has discovered that 80% Raw Organic and 20% Organic lightly cooked, steamed or boiled foods is actually the most optimal diet for most people.  The reason is we are accustomed to cooked foods but that eating a high raw diet will balance us out from whatever else we are eating that might not be so healthy.

Doctors always recommend that we eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and RAW makes that happen in the most fun and easy delicious ways possible. I always tell people to just enjoy the RAW Desserts first people love it and then they go further with RAW in a fun natural way. The whole point is to make RAW fun and enjoyable so that you will get benefits from it and you will naturally be attracted to eating and incorporating more RAW foods, recipes and lifestyle in ways that is most optimal and beneficial for yourself. Everyone is different so you can’t say any one way or percentage is the best for everyone but the more fresh organic fruits, vegetables with some nuts and seeds that you eat the healthier, stronger, better you will feel.

5-Minute Chocolate Donuts, Cinnamon or Glazed Donuts
2 Large Bananas
1 1/2 Cup of Golden Flax Seeds
Coconut Nectar (you can also make your own sweetner with some water and raisins or water and dates blended in a blender adjust to your liking, but new coconut nectar has very healthy no sugar, low glycemic, netural Ph, living enzymes, that you will feel amazingly healthy after just trying it once!)
Coconut Oil
Peel the 2 large bananas and put both in a large mixing bowl. Using a fork slowly mash the bananas then in the Blendtec Blender pour in the Flax Seeds and blend until a very fine powder then pour this into the bowl with the bananas and mix until evenly coated, adjust the amount of Flax Seeds to desired moistness and firmness of the Donuts, remember as the Flax Seeds gets absorbed into the bananas it will get harder and firm up and depending on the size of the bananas used which will vary, please adjust accordingly. Form into a ball then flatten and poke a hole into the middle to make a donut shape.
To make Chocolate Donut use the “Chocolate Sauce” above to coat.
To make Glazed Donut: Coat the Donut with Coconut Oil and coat with Coconut Nectar.
To make Cinnamon Donut: coat with Coconut Nectar then sprinkle with cinnamon to make cinnamon donut.

2-minute Raw Organic Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberries
3 to 4 tablespoons of raw organic carob powder
3 to 4 tablesppons of Coconut Nectar
Some Organic Strawberries
Wash the strawberries. In a large mixing bowl hand mix the carob powder and coconut nectar until well blended and dip the strawberries or use a spoon to cover the strawberries with the “Chocolate Sauce.” Adjust the amount of carob powder and coconut nectar to taste and desired consistency. Use less more carob powder for darker chocolate sauce, use more coconut nectar for lighter chocolate sauce. Takes 5 minutes is very fun, easy and delicious!

Chef Bryan Au has traveled the World and brought back the most amazing new revolutionary thing to happen to food, junk food, fast food and culinary world. Raw Organic Cuisine, Snacks and Desserts that are fast, fun, easy and actually good for you and the planet!  For more information, please visit his website at

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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