Is It Safe to Eat Off of Chemically Cleaned Surfaces?

You’ve just proudly cleaned your kitchen table with one of those commonplace disinfectant wipes or sprays. Now what? We know kids can be messy eaters — so even the food that doesn’t make it on the plate can still be gobbled up by hungry hands, right? I mean, you just cleaned the table. Hmm, maybe not, says Dave Wentz, healthy home expert and New York Times best selling author. Dave shares his tips with The Daily Meal in this 9 Possible Kitchen Dangers slideshow. Brush up on a few food safety tips, including this one about (not) eating off of just-cleaned surfaces, unless you rinse first!

Don’t eat off chemically cleaned surfaces? Well, that is what the manufacturers actually recommend. Although it does sound a bit counter-intuitive. Counters or surfaces like high chairs, coffee and kitchen tables that have been cleaned with chemical cleaners such as disinfectant wipes may not be recommended to eat directly off of. Here’s what The Daily Meal’s expert Dave Wentz, author of The New York Times bestselling book The Healthy Home had to say:

The Question: Is It Safe to Eat off of a Counter Cleaned with Chemicals?

Dave’s answer, “My mother would immediately counter with an emphatic, ‘No!’ And, she’s not too far off … the scary thing about whether the chemicals in household cleaners are safe is that “we just don’t know. In fact, in most cases, we don’t even know what chemicals are used in our cleaning products, because manufacturers are not required to include that information on the label.” Dave says that most manufacturers actually recommend that after you use a disinfectant wipe that you thoroughly rinse the surface (like countertops, high chairs, or toys) that could come in contact with food.

So is it okay to eat off of a just-cleaned surface? I mean how many chemicals can really adhere to the food, right? And is it really necessary to rinse off a chemical surface cleaner with water? Maybe not all the time. But kids who are constantly eating off of “still damp” chemically cleaned surfaces and places like schools and daycare that use plentiful amounts of surface cleaners may be ones to watch for.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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