It's a Stadium, Nope That's Food!

If you are one of those who likes to go overboard with your Super Bowl grub, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these stadiums made of food — some include parking lots with tailgaters and blimps …

  • Sweet And Salty Stadium 1 of 8
    Sweet And Salty Stadium
    Let's hope the toothpick wall holds or it's going to be a chip flood.
    Get inspiration for a salty and sweet stadium at The Whole Gang
  • Every Snack Imaginable Stadium 2 of 8
    Every Snack Imaginable Stadium
    This thing is ginormous. How do you even get to the good stuff, a ladder? You gotta watch the video so you can see the twinkie busses tailgating!
    Get inspiration for an every snack imaginable stadium at Slash Foods
  • Slim Jim’s Goal Post Stadium 3 of 8
    Slim Jim's Goal Post Stadium
    Very creative, but are those fish sticks Around the dip? That's just wrong.
    Get inspiration for Slim Jim goal posts from Times Union
  • Strictly Chips And Dip Stadium 4 of 8
    Strictly Chips And Dip Stadium
    Are those flaming hot cheetos? This will go over well with the 8 year olds.
    Get inspiration for a strictly chips and dip stadium at Get Better Health
  • Rice Crispy Framed Stadium 5 of 8
    Rice Crispy Framed Stadium
    Chips and dips and rice crispy treats. What?! They go together, really.
    Get inspiration for a rice crispy framed stadium at The Whole Gang
  • Sandwich Stacking Stadium 6 of 8
    Sandwich Stacking Stadium
    This must be some kind of crazy puzzle maze you have to go through before you can eat. I mean look at those toothpicks and skewers!
    Get inspiration for a sandwich stacking stadium at Desert Living Today
  • Twinkie’s And Dip Stadium 7 of 8
    Twinkie's And Dip Stadium
    Whenever I eat guacamole or salsa or queso dip, I always want a twinkie to go with. Eww.
    Get inspiration for a twinkies and dip stadium at Desert Living Today
  • Kitchen Sink Stadium 8 of 8
    Kitchen Sink Stadium
    Because there is every type of crappy party food thrown in here. Although the fennel bulbs are a nice touch.
    Get inspiration for a kitchen sink stadium at Desert Living Today

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