Jello Is The New Black

Jello is no longer a dessert of the 50’s era, in fact it is making a HUGE comeback as a frontrunner in the sweets department.  I had too much fun putting this round-up together for you all, just wondering when I would have time to make all of the recipes.  Here are eighteen different ways to get your jello on.  Hello jello, welcome to my world.  Enjoy!

  • Jello Is The New Black 1 of 19

    Take a look at 18 awesome jello / gelatina recipes that will make you run to your cabinet and start making a batch. 

  • Watermelon Shooters 2 of 19

    Wouldn't these watermelon shooters  be perfect for a spring party on a warm evening? I can't wait to make a batch. 

  • 3 Layer Jello Surprise In A Jar 3 of 19

    This girly dessert would make any princess happy. Serve it and see your daughter smile. Get this recipe on Spoonful

  • Stained Glass Jello Squares 4 of 19

    These stained glass jello squares are so pretty and taste even better! Look at them.... you know you're tempted to make them. 

  • Strawberry Lime Jello Milkshake 5 of 19

    Mmmmmm..... This is a must have. The swirl of strawberry and lime in a jello milkshake sounds like a lip puckering treat. Slurp. Grab this recipe from Chica Choco Latina

  • Chocolate Gelatin With Vanilla Accents 6 of 19
    Chocolate Gelatin

    Take a minute to ponder the delicious notion of chocolate jello and then lay your eyes on this beauty. Yes, you can make it too. Grab the recipe from The Chocolate Obsessed E-Book

  • Fruit Shaped Jello Jigglers 7 of 19
    Jello Jigglers

    These charming fruit shaped jello jigglers would accent a dessert table with all the calming colors of spring. They would also be perfect for a baby shower or tea party. Get the recipe on Spoonful

  • Hibiscus Flower and Raspberry Gelatin 8 of 19

    Almost too pretty to eat. The combo of hibiscus flower and raspberry will be heaven to the palate. Try it. Grab the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts!

  • Papaya Jello Mimosas 9 of 19

    Decadence in a cup..... a sophisticated drink meets gelatin. Eat it with a spoon and be ready to swoon. Get this recipe from Sweet Life

  • Jello Fishbowls 10 of 19

    Cool, quirky, and just fun. Who wouldn't love to dive into this jar and catch a fish? I know my son would be all too eager. Jello Fishbowls!

  • No Bake Lemon Jello Cheesecake 11 of 19

    This delicious devil is so easy to make and the best part is..... you never have to turn on the oven. The layer of lemon jello spiked with fresh blueberries is worthy of any occasion. Get the recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • Peachy Keen Tutti Frutti Jello Mold 12 of 19
    peachy keen tutti frutti jello title_LCDL

    Peachy keen is right! Cut me a slice quick and don't speak to me while I gobble this down. I wish I could eat this one to the last bite. I guess I'll have to grab the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie in order to have it. 

  • Creamy Layered Valentine Jello Treats 13 of 19

    It doesn't have to be February to celebrate love. Cupid could shoot his arrow when you least expect it. Let this heart shaped jello make your corazon go pitter pat. Spanglish Baby will share the recipe with you. 


  • Real Fruit Juice Finger Jello 14 of 19

    Make finger jello in your favorite real fruit juice flavor. Make pom-blueberry or cran-strawberry jello a reality with this recipe! Then cut it into your desired shape and serve for a big party or a party of 1. You'll enjoy it all the same. 

  • Jello Rainbow Fruit Delights 15 of 19

    This sherbert colored jello dessert will take you on a light spin around the happy dessert planet.  Yes, I am beyond loopy for this dreamy slice. Get this beautiful recipe from  Mami Talks

  • Jello Cupcakes 16 of 19

    Bite into these jello cupcakes and find yourself in a soft center of fruity cake. They will quickly become a mouth favorite. 

  • Peach And Milk Gelatina 17 of 19

    There's a party in this jello mold. A peach party. Super delicious and easy to make. Get the recipe from Mama Latina Tips

  • Nine Layer Gelatina 18 of 19

    This beautiful beautiful gelatina would make a gorgeous centerpiece at the dessert table, that's if it doesn't get eaten right away. Creamy and fruity, this colorful gem is made with jello and sweetened condensed milk. Get the recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • How To Unmold Gelatina / Jello 19 of 19

    If you ever wondered how to unmold a gelatin, wonder no more. Click here for a quick video on how to do it!  It's a little tricky, but is so simple to do once you know how. 


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