Kate Middleton and Prince William Engagement: What Kind of Cake Will They Have?

Royal Cake? We think so!As soon as we heard of Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, we thought about one thing—the food! Well, okay, we were pretty curious about the engagement ring too, but really— what kind of amazing, out-of-this world wedding cake will they have?

We already know that the cakes of royal weddings past are things we’ve only seen in photographs (or our wildest wedding dreams), but what about the flavor?

Here are a few cake flavors we’ve thinking would be perfect for a royal wedding.

Classic Red Velvet
It’s sweet, romantic, and not to mention ridiculously trendy.

Vanilla, Magnolia Bakery Style
Just because the royal family is British doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy New York’s favorite cake.  We’re thinking glamorous tiers of cupcakes dressed in rich butter cream. Sprinkles please!

Pumpkin Guiness Gingerbread
Reports were saying it’d be a spring or summer wedding, but if they decide to move it to the fall, this pumpkin Guinness gingerbread cake would be perfect. Maybe they have a little bit of a wild side?

Vegan Chocolate
Perhaps they’re looking out for our animal friends?

Classic Chocolate
Chocolate’s always a crowd-pleaser, but is it too safe?  Maybe they’ll fill it with strawberry syrup.  Now chocolate covered strawberries are certainly fit for a future queen.

Or maybe they’ll just trump all cakes and go for a Cherpumple. Either way, we’ll be awaiting our invitation (hint, hint Royal Family!)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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