Kathy Freston's Veganist and the Vegan Diet on Oprah Today

Kathy Freston has a new book out, Veganist, which inspired Oprah to go “vegan” for a week. That’s right. Oprah and members of her Harpo staff took a One-Week Vegan Challenge and will be cutting out all animal products and eating a vegan diet.

Oprah invited Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma onto her show today along with Kathy Freston and Lisa Ling to do a tour of a meat processing plant. It was exactly what you’d expect from Food, Inc., but on the Oprah Show.

The members of the Harpo staff gave their impressions on the diet, which ranged from complete hatred to completely embracing it. At one point Kathy Freston compared a staff member’s “junk food diet” to an addiction. Still, others have completely made the change, and Oprah herself is embracing the popular Meatless Mondays movement.

I’ve talked before about veganism and the vegan diet with Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet. To be clear, there are ethical vegans where avoiding all animal products is an ethical choice, and there are those who do it for dietary reasons only. That said, we’re looking at the vegan diet, not the vegan lifestyle here in Kathy Freston’s new book Veganist and that is what was also explored on today’s show.

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