Kid-Made Lunch Mini Pretzel Bread Ham & Cheese

My kids are so excited for school to start (me too!), but then I’m hit with the thought of making school lunches every. single. day. I’m not a morning person so getting up and making lunches doesn’t work and it’s the last thing I want to do in the evening after cooking dinner and cleaning up and getting kids to bed. Sooo, I decided to hand over lunch making duty to my kids. You know what?! They loved the idea. At first I thought my seven year old would just do it all, but my three (going on four) year old wanted in on the action. We did a grocery trip so they could choose ingredients and they put together some really interesting and tasty menu ideas from sandwiches to transforming leftovers. Yes, my kids transformed leftovers! They made their lunches while I made dinner. I’ll be posting each of their lunch ideas with a kid made step-by-step starting with this pretzel bread ham & cheese.

  • Kid-Made Lunch: Ham & Cheese on Pretzel Bread 1 of 9

    Click through to see my kids making this lunch.

  • Slicing the Pretzel Bread 2 of 9

    Sylvie teaching Lincoln how to slice bread. Heart melting. They are using a serrated table knife, sharp enough to cut bread, difficult to cut fingers.

  • Mustard Spread 3 of 9
  • Very Excited to Use a Metal Knife 4 of 9
  • Ham Hands 5 of 9
  • Helping Lincoln Fold Ham 6 of 9

    He couldn't quite get the fold down so his sister helped him.

  • He Made His Own Lunch! 7 of 9

    With some help from his very sweet older sister. My kids were so loving and kind during their solo cooking adventure. It was very special, for them and me!

  • Ready to Pack Up 8 of 9

    While sneaking a bite. They had so much fun and were really proud.

  • Ready for School! 9 of 9

    We placed the lunch in the fridge for the following morning to make sure it would still be tasty. It passed the overnight test!

What you need:

Pretzel bread (I found cute little mini loaves at Trader Joes) or french roll


Sliced Cheddar (or swiss, but my kids like cheddar with ham)

Mustard (or mayo or butter or whatever your kids spread preference is)

I let my kids use a table knife that is slightly serrated to cut the bread into mini slices. Kids love mini’s. Squirt on some mustard and spread around. I taught them a trick that if you get too much mustard on one side, just take another slice of bread and dab it off. They liked this. Place on some cheese, fold the ham, more cheese, and top with bread. Done. Awesome.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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