Kid Made Lunch: Pretty Pita Pizza

During the last school year my kid brought home an empty box from one of her friends’ lunches. It was a pizza Lunchable and it looked unappealing to me, but I get the kid appeal. Sylvie begged me to buy these for her and I had to explain the ingredients and about limiting sodium and processed foods. After learning the cold, hard truth she decided we could make our own pizza lunch that would be healthier, and I agree. Turns out it was easy! So easy that she made it herself, so we’ve included it in our kid made lunch series. It’s kid taste-approved too! I thought making a cold pizza would be unappetizing. Nope, not for my children. These mini pita pizzas were devoured.

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  • Perfectly Placed Pita 4 of 9

    Mini pitas were an exciting find. Kids love minis.

  • Grape-alicious 5 of 9

    For a fruity side, Sylvie chose grapes.

  • Pita Pizza Building 6 of 9

    Spreading on the cold sauce.

  • Cheese Sprinkle 7 of 9

    No melting here.

  • Taste Test 8 of 9

    Cold mini pizza passed the kid taste test! Huge hit around these parts with the kids and parents. I'm loving how easy this lunch is to build and how healthy you can make it!

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Here’s what you need:

Mini whole wheat pitas (I found some at Trader Joe’s) or use one regular whole wheat pita

Pizza sauce (with no high fructose corn syrup) I used Trader Joe’s

Shredded mozzarella cheese

side of fruit

Let your kid spoon some sauce into a small airtight container. In a lunchbox container, place cheese into one section, pita into another with the sauce, and fruit (she chose grapes) into the last section. Pack a spoon for spreading the sauce. Let the pizza building commence.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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