Kid Made Lunch: Veggies + Pita Chips + Hummus

For todays kid made lunch I let my middle guy choose what he wanted to make and let him do it all from beginning to end. Lincoln immediately proclaimed his lunch would be veggies and hummus and chips then proceeded to the fridge to get what he needed and brought it to the table and washed the veggies that needed washing. I taught him how to ‘saw’ or slice his cucumber and he created his own slicing method and tested it to make sure it worked. Then he made his own lunch by putting it all together. After eating most of the veggies and all of the pita chips, he decided to go back to the fridge and grabbed a piece of string cheese to finish off the last of the hummus. That’s my boy. What an easy, healthy and satisfying lunch.

  • Kid Made Lunch: Veggies + Pita Chips + Hummus 1 of 19
    veggies and hummus
  • Getting The Supplies 2 of 19

    I had him make this lunch from beginning to end, even getting everything he needed/wanted from the fridge.

  • Setting The Veggies on His Work Space 3 of 19

    In other words, the kitchen table with his socks (at least they were clean socks).

  • Scooting the Stool 4 of 19

    In order to wash the veggies, he had to bring the stool to the kitchen sink.

  • Washing Veggies 5 of 19
  • Slicing the Cucumber 6 of 19

    I taught him how to saw the cucumber and it was so exciting.

  • Slicing With His Own Style 7 of 19

    He preferred the hand pressing technique.

  • Wow, It’s Working 8 of 19
  • I did it! 9 of 19

    He was very proud of his personal technique of slicing awesomeness.

  • Tossing in the Cucumbers 10 of 19
  • Grape Tomatoes 11 of 19

    This kid loves his grape tomatoes and eats them at every meal.

  • Getting Silly With Carrots 12 of 19

    Making lunch was so much fun.

  • Laughing Harder. 13 of 19
  • Try Not To Smile 14 of 19
  • Can’t Do It! 15 of 19
  • Getting Serious With Hummus 16 of 19

    Spooning the hummus into the container took deep concentration.

  • Whole Wheat Pita Chips 17 of 19

    Might as well give the kid a treat to go along with all those veggies.

  • All Finished! 18 of 19

    He was very proud and excited for this lunch.

  • So, He Dug Right In. 19 of 19

Here’s what you need:

Kid fave veggies like carrot sticks, snap peas, broccoli, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, celery, cauliflower, or whatever your kiddos love.

Hummus – we like the white bean and basil hummus from Trader Joe’s

Whole Wheat Pita Chips

String Cheese

Let your kid pick out the veggies and pack them into a container, scoop some hummus into a section or a separate container and pack some whole wheat pita chips and a string cheese. Easy enough for my 3 year old to make and tasty enough for him to eat!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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