Kids’ Food Cravings Weirder Than Your Pregnancy Cravings

I had crazy food cravings when I was pregnant. I know I am not the only pregnant lady ever to crave strange foods! I happily ushered in olive oil ice cream and roasted garlic on toast for breakfast. A little unusual, but no harm done.

What I recently came to realize is that pregnant ladies and kids both have this in common: the weirdest food cravings. And sometimes kids’ preferences are the stranger of the two. As a kid, my weird food craving was all about scrambled eggs. When I was little I loved them drizzled with maple syrup. What??? My parents couldn’t quite believe it; but that is how I liked them and I continued eating this dish for years and years. Once I became a teenager I realized that nobody else ate eggs that way so I stopped cold turkey to avoid all the strange looks in the cafeteria.

For my own kids, one of the most interesting things I noticed is watching how they developed their individual tastes and preferences. Sometimes they mimicked me by eating everything I like. Other times they veered very far off the familiar track and expressed love for foods I simply don’t understand. This can be simultaneously hilarious and horrifying.

Maybe your kid is the type who prefers fish heads to fish sticks or chicken feet to chicken nuggets. Well, you’re not alone! I asked my fellow food blogging friends to share some of their kids’ weirdest food cravings:

Squid Soup

Weirdest Foods Kids CraveChristine reports that her young son loves squid. Not calamari, but the squid in soup at a particular Vietnamese restaurant. This is definitely above and beyond the usual kiddie fare! While she is happy to oblige his craving once in a while it does become problematic when the rest of the family is not in the mood for that particular restaurant.

Liver Pate

Weirdest Kid Food CravingsKristen’s son had a particularly sophisticated palate in that he adores liver. Specifically, liver pate. Whenever there is liver in the house Kristen has the unusual problem of dividing the liver up between the dog and her son. Her son protests that all the liver should be saved for him and made into pate! But the dog disagrees.

Dried Seaweed

Weirdest Foods Kids CraveLisa’s son loves seaweed. It is not a weird food in some countries, but she says people find it awfully strange when he brings it for a snack in kindergarten. She reports that he is happy to crunch away on the dried sheets of seaweed she finds at the market for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While I am sure he gets some unusual looks, I have to admit seaweed does have a delicious salty flavor and can even be mistaken for kale chips if you don’t study it closely.

Raisins … Only Picked from Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Weird Foods Kids CraveZerrin’s young son sounds like a hoot. He requests oatmeal raisin cookies but only eats the raisins. Have you ever heard of a kid passing over a cookie for the raisins? Me neither. I like the whole cookie! Zerrin finds herself having a debate sometimes. Is it worth using all the ingredients to bake a cookie only to have the crumbs discarded in favor of the raisins? I honestly don’t know what I would choose to do. Best of all, he doesn’t like raisins on their own.

Beet Soup & Salad

Weirdest Foods Kids CraveKrissy’s kids love beets, which is admittedly not commonly a favorite among young children. Her daughter loves beet soup and her son loves raw beet salad. Both dishes strongly feature the flavor of beets, which is not always easy to stomach. She told me that she often has to decide which dish to make when she has beets. Then she has to prepare for at least one of her kids to be disappointed if it’s not their favorite.

What are the weirdest foods your kids crave?

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