Kid Lunches: Veggie Bentos!

If only kid-sized bento lunchboxes were around when I was in school! Sectioning your kids’ lunches into fun bento boxes not only gives you a nice layout to stay organized – but if gives your kids a clean view of just what is on the menu – much more than a scattered array of plastic baggies stuffed into a brown bag does. Infuse some Zen into your kids lunchboxes with veggie bento lunches! Here are a few ideas for what to add..

Veggie Bento Box Lunches:

Large Entree Container:
* Pasta Salad – Lemon Veggie Pasta or Cheez + Peaz Pasta
* Rice + Bean Salads – Peanut Mandarin Rice Bowl Recipe
* Sandwiches – Spin on PB&J (Healthy. Happy. Life.)
* Veggie Sushi Rolls or Sandwich Spirals – Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps (Healthy. Happy. Life.)
* Veggie Salads + Protein like tofu, veggie nuggets or tempeh cubes

Medium Side Container:
* Crunchy Snacks – Kale Chips on Healthy. Happy. Life.
* Veggie and Fruit Sides – sticks or slices
* Nuts + Dried Fruit – aka trail mix
* Side Salads
* Anything healthy your kid loves to nibble!

Small Container:
* Dessert bites – choose healthy desserts if on hand!
* Dressings and dips

Veggie Bento Recipe (shown above):

Large: Salt and Pepper Edamame + Mandarin Oranges and rice crackers
Medium: Trail Mix with nuts + dried fruit
Small: Dark Chocolate Square


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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