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It absolutely kills me that my kids won’t eat eggs. In my mind, they are the perfect food. Healthy, quick-cooking, so easy to improvise with. And yet, my little egg-o-phobes have forced me to forgo them on the dinner and breakfast rotation for eight years. I have tried all sorts of strategies with them – a super-thin scramble rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla, a crepe wrapped around a piece of bacon and egg, but there had never even been any potential dent in the egg-hating armor until last week, when I came home with Easter on my mind and with a little rabbit egg holder from Sur La Table in my purse. I soft-boiled an egg, placed it in the bunny’s arms, toasted up some soldiers (and lady fingers, of course) and told them that whoever tried the egg got to keep the bunny. When there is a doll (especially an animal doll) at stake, they pay attention. My little one was visibly pained by the dilemma. She still didn’t touch the egg (she gobbled up the toast), but I have to believe it was a start. I’m going to summon the whole animal kingdom for this effort – starting with these. – Jenny Rosenstrach

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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