King Cake: The Best Fat Tuesday Food in Mardi Gras Colors!

Two words that are sure to grab the kids’ attention? King Cake. It’s the mardi gras tradition that allows kids the opportunity to feel like royalty and eat delicious sugary goodness.  What could be better?

We have the full king cake history here, but the King Cake fun basically involves baking a small treasure into a cake, and whoever finds the treasure in his or her slice of cake wins! Tradition varies on just what that person wins: Some say the person “wins” the opportunity to bring the King Cake next year, but go ahead and make up your own family rules.

Here’s one of our favorite King Cake recipes, all decked out in Mardi Gras colors.  Or if you’re strapped for time, this 20-minute King Cake recipe is golden (just 20 minutes? Count me in!).

While you’re at it, check out these other Mardi Gras recipes and Fat Tuesday food from beignets to jambalaya.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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