Kiss the Blarney Stone — Cookies that is!

Blarney Stone Cookies
Blarney Stone Cookies - and a shamrock

Kiss these Blarney Stone cookies. Green peppermint sugar cookies topped with peppermint vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Make these sweet treats for your kids and teach them the Legend of the Blarney Stone! You can throw in a few shamrock cookies for extra luck. Just be sure to kiss these cookies before you eat them..

Legend of the Blarney Stone. A few years ago I went to Ireland with my sister. We boarded an all day tour bus up to Blarney Castle. We hiked up the creepy stone staircase to the roof of the castle where sat the Blarney Stone. Well actually the stone isn’t on the roof – it’s more like over the edge of the roof! In order to kiss the Blarney Stone you have to do a back-flip while an kind old man with a big smile and Irish accent holds you – I’m assuming that is so you don’t fall over the edge of the castle. ha! Now that wouldn’t be so lucky, would it?

“According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery). The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446.”wiki

Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to bring you good luck. Well if you can’t hop on a plane to Ireland – you can certainly find time to whip up these festive St.Patrick’s Day Blarney Stone cookies. Your kids (big and small) will love them!

..and just for extra luck – I added in a few lucky four leaf clover shamrocks too..

Blarney Stone Cookies
Blarney Stone Cookies
Shamrock Cookie
Shamrock Cookie

Peppermint Blarney Stone Cookies
makes 24 mini ‘stones’
1 package of your favorite sugar cookie mix (follow directions on box)
Fold in:
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
3 drops green food coloring + 1 drop yellow (I used India Tree brand)

a few drops green food coloring
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
3/4 cup vanilla frosting – your favorite spreadable recipe

green icing writer
green sprinkles

Fold extras into your sugar cookie dough.
Roll out green dough.
Cut out stone circle shapes. To make clovers – I used a mini circle cutter and gently stuck the small circles together and rolled out ‘stems’.
Bake cookies
Frost cookies
Add “B” or “Blarney” ans sprinkles.
Have a lucky happy St Patty’s Day!

recipe note: want to make them vegan like I did? My cookies were dairy/egg-free/vegan – but you can use your baking faves if you’d prefer. I used an organic boxed sugar cookie mix – and no eggs. Vegan buttery spread, and animal-product free decorating items. Vegan frosting.

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Blarney Stone Cookie
Blarney Stone!
Blarney Stone Cookies
Blarney Stone Cookies - and a four leaf clover for extra luck
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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