Kitchen Tips: How Do You Peel Garlic?

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There is really no substitute for using fresh garlic in your recipes. But freeing up those snugly wrapped garlic cloves remains to be a pesky procedure for most cooks. Luckily, it seems everyone has a trick or two up their apron for popping out those bold, plump little cloves of garlic. How do you peel garlic? Well’s Food Pickle has a lively discussion going on this crucial cooking matter. Here are a few of my favorite “garlic peeling tips” from the bunch..

How do you peel garlic?

Droplet says to: “Soak it in a small bowl of water for a while before peeling and the peel comes off very easily.”

“I trim off both ends of the garlic. You still have to peel with your fingers, but cutting the ends off makes the cloves much easier to peel.” Says EmilyC.

Helen’s All Night Diner says to freeze the garlic because it peels and slices much easier when partially frozen.

TotalKathy says to try this procedure, “Get 2 small stainless bowls, put garlic in one, cover with other bowl, dome side up, hold together, shake it like crazy. The banging, peels garlic like crazy! I have also put in a lidded plastic container and shook the heck out of it. The metal is more effective. They will be completely naked garlic cloves.”

Lacerise like this tip, “As Jacques Pepin says, once you cut off the dry end of the clove and exert light pressure w/your knife, the skin slips off pretty easily. “

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