Lasagna Soup and 8 Other Clever Ways to Cook Lasagna

Everyone loves lasagna. Whether you eat it veggie style or homestyle, gourmet or the down-home way, a pan of noodles, sauce, and cheese is a definite crowd-pleaser. So what happens when you take lasagna and turn it into a hearty soup? Or cook it on a skillet on your stove top? Or turn it into bite-sized cuppies? Well, what you get are 8 splendidly original takes on a truly classic flavor. Here are our favorite ways to serve lasagna that aren’t, you know, just a pan of lasagna.

  • Lasagna Soup 1 of 8
    Lasagna Soup
    Who says you need a fork to eat lasagna? This recipe turns all the flavors of lasagna into a hearty soup!
    Click for the recipe from A Farm Girls Dabbles.
  • Slow Cooker Lasagna 2 of 8
    Slow Cooker Lasagna
    No boiling the noodles, no fuss! Making lasagna in the slow cooker is the easiest (and tastiest) way to go!
    Click for the recipe from Bliss Tree.
  • Lasagna Burgers 3 of 8
    Lasagna Burgers
    These lasagna burgers aren't just burgers. They are giant celebrations of all things Italian!
    Click for the recipe from Rachael Ray Mag.
  • Mini Lasagna Bites 4 of 8
    Mini Lasagna Bites
    Little Lasagna Cups may be better than big slices of lasagna! Cute, colorful, and surprisingly easy to make!
    Click for the recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner?
  • Lasagna Pasta 5 of 8
    Lasagna Pasta
    When you're craving lasagna, but don't have the patience to pull together a full pan, try this easy rotini lasagna.
    Click for the recipe from Sing for Your Supper.
  • Lasagna in a Skillet 6 of 8
    Lasagna in a Skillet
    Lasagna cooked in a skillet? Believe it!
    Click for the recipe from Mind Over Batter.
  • Lasagna Bow Tie Pasta 7 of 8
    Lasagna Bow Tie Pasta
    This homemade version of Hamburger Helper tastes way better than the box. Bow tie lasagna makes for a tasty meal!
    Click for the recipe from Chef Mommy.
  • Lasagna Pinwheel Bites 8 of 8
    Lasagna Pinwheel Bites
    Lasagna Pinwheel Bites turn the average, ordinary appetizer into something easy and cheesy!
    Click for the Lasagna Pinwheel Bites recipe.

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