Lasagna Soup and 8 Other Clever Ways to Cook Lasagna

Everyone loves lasagna. Whether you eat it veggie style or homestyle, gourmet or the down-home way, a pan of noodles, sauce, and cheese is a definite crowd-pleaser. So what happens when you take lasagna and turn it into a hearty soup? Or cook it on a skillet on your stove top? Or turn it into bite-sized cuppies? Well, what you get are 8 splendidly original takes on a truly classic flavor. Here are our favorite ways to serve lasagna that aren’t, you know, just a pan of lasagna.

  • Lasagna Soup 1 of 8
    Who says you need a fork to eat lasagna? This recipe turns all the flavors of lasagna into a hearty soup!
    Click for the recipe from A Farm Girls Dabbles.
  • Slow Cooker Lasagna 2 of 8
    No boiling the noodles, no fuss! Making lasagna in the slow cooker is the easiest (and tastiest) way to go!
    Click for the recipe from Bliss Tree.
  • Lasagna Burgers 3 of 8
    These lasagna burgers aren't just burgers. They are giant celebrations of all things Italian!
    Click for the recipe from Rachael Ray Mag.
  • Mini Lasagna Bites 4 of 8
    Little Lasagna Cups may be better than big slices of lasagna! Cute, colorful, and surprisingly easy to make!
    Click for the recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner?
  • Lasagna Pasta 5 of 8
    When you're craving lasagna, but don't have the patience to pull together a full pan, try this easy rotini lasagna.
    Click for the recipe from Sing for Your Supper.
  • Lasagna in a Skillet 6 of 8
    Lasagna cooked in a skillet? Believe it!
    Click for the recipe from Mind Over Batter.
  • Lasagna Bow Tie Pasta 7 of 8
    This homemade version of Hamburger Helper tastes way better than the box. Bow tie lasagna makes for a tasty meal!
    Click for the recipe from Chef Mommy.
  • Lasagna Pinwheel Bites 8 of 8
    Lasagna Pinwheel Bites turn the average, ordinary appetizer into something easy and cheesy!
    Click for the Lasagna Pinwheel Bites recipe.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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