Lasagna, Taquitos & Real Creamed Corn: 21 Savory Ways to Cook with Cream Cheese

Who doesn’t love cream cheese? The mild, rich stuff of love goes with just about everything…from bagels to frosting. But, there are million other fun ways to serve it up in a savory way. Try turning out a batch of Homebaked Creamy Chicken Taquitos, or swap out the ricotta in your lasagna for lovely layers of cream cheese. Got your tastebuds watering? Check out our 21 fabulous recipes that feature cream cheese in a truly savory, positively delicious way!

  • Get Savory! 1 of 22
    Cream cheese doesn't have to be stuffed in a danish, or slathered on a bagel to make an incredible meal! Here are our favorite ways to serve it up, savory style!
  • Potato Chip NomNom 2 of 22
    Serve these crunchy kettle-cooked potato chips topped with herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon, and salty capers at your next party!
    Get the recipe Potato Chips With Smoked Salmon Herbed Cream Cheese
  • Savory Tartlets 3 of 22
    These savory cheese tartlets are topped with blackberries to give them a tangy, sweet punch!
    Get the recipe Savory Cheese Tartlets With BlackberriesBlackberriesOriginal File Name: 4197-SavoryCheeseTartlets-0214c.tif
  • Spiced Apple Cheese Ball 4 of 22
    This spicy apple cheese ball makes an impressive appetizer!
    Get the recipe Spiced Apple Cheese Ball
  • Mac & Cheese Cupcakes 5 of 22
    Your kids will love mac and cheese baked as cute little cupcakes!
    Get the recipe Mac and Cheese Cupcakes
  • Crustless Quiche Biscuits 6 of 22
    Crustless quiche on biscuits makes for a very satisfying breakfast!
    Get the recipe Quiche Biscuit Sandwiches
  • Best Dip Eva 7 of 22
    The best dip ever- a high demand appetizer made with cream cheese, avocado, and salsa!
    Get the recipe The Best Dip Ever
  • Snowman Cheese Ball 8 of 22
    Every winter party needs a snowman cheese ball!
    Get the recipe Snowman Cheese Ball
  • Easy Baked Mac & Cheese 9 of 22
    This baked mac and cheese is so easy and satisfying!
    Get the recipe easy Baked Mac and Cheese
  • Everything Bagel Bombs 10 of 22
    Everything bagel bombs with cream cheese, scallion, and bacon spread are so addictive!
    Get the recipe The Devil's Food Advocate
  • Atomic Peppers 11 of 22
    Go daring with stuffed atomic peppers!
    Get the recipe Munchcraft
  • Chicken Pot Pie 12 of 22
    Warm up on a cold winter's night with cream cheese and chive biscuit topped chicken pot pie!
    Get the recipe Cook Like a Champion
  • Cream Cheese Wontons 13 of 22
    These baked cream cheese jalapeno wantons will melt in your mouth!
    Get the recipe Veggie and the Beast
  • Cream Cheese Tartlets 14 of 22
    These fresh-looking tomato tartlets have cream cheese in the crust!
    Get the recipe Pixie Wishes and Forehead Kisses
  • Turkey Wrap 15 of 22
    You will love the fresh snap peas, tangy cranberry sauce, and cream cheese in these turkey wraps!
    Get the recipe Coupon Clipping Cook
  • Mushroom Madness 16 of 22
    You won't be able to stop at just one of these bacon and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms!
    Get the recipe Jo Cooks
  • Bruschetta Perfection 17 of 22
    You'll look like the hostess with the mostess with these easy and beautiful bruschetta and feta cream cheese apps!
    Get the recipe garnish with lemon
  • Pulled Pork Sammy 18 of 22
    This pulled pork, balsamic red cabbage, apple slices, and cream cheese sandwich is a great break from the ordinary !
    Get the recipe Fahrenbite
  • Cream Cheese Lasagna 19 of 22
    Substitute cream cheese for ricotta in your next lasagna- you'll be glad you did!
    Get the recipe A Spicy Perspective
  • Crisp Chicken Burritos 20 of 22
    The combination of chicken and cream cheese are sublime in these crisp chicken burritos!
    Get the recipe Heart Mind & Seoul
  • Greek Chicken Sandwich 21 of 22
    Take a trip to the Mediterranean with this tasty Greek chicken sandwich!
    Get the recipe Baked by Joanna
  • Creamed Corn 22 of 22
    The secret ingredient to this corn with chive and chiles is cream cheese!
    Get the recipe Food Republic

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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