Lasagna Verde — no tomatoes allowed.


My Lasagna Verde recipe will bring new life to your ‘lasagna night’ dinners – because really, why should tomatoes have all the fun?

The flavors: lasagna verde nixes the tomato sauce and brings on the green pesto! – lemon-y with fresh basil, walnuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and more. An optional jalapeno can add a spicy kick! Pepitas, melty cheese and luscious flavor-marinated noodles and optional tofu or cashew-nut ricotta make this lasagna verde a winner. Give it a try! Plus my five lasagna tips..

I’ve been making Lasagna Verde for a few years now. I love the verde version so much that I actually rarely make classic red-tomato-lasagna. Verde is a household favorite.

This lasagna recipe is vegetarian – and I personally make mine vegan (dairy-free) – but you can certainly use ‘dairy’ ingredients if that’s what your family prefers.

Basic components to a Lasagna Verde:

* Noodles (I love the no-cook noodles because they absorb so much flavor and cut my prep time significantly.
* Pesto. I make an ultra creamy, lemon-y basil/greens pesto. You may have your own favorite recipe for pesto sauce. You can use pine nuts, walnuts as your texture base – all basil or a mix of basil and other greens like parsley, spinach or even mache. My only advice is to make sure it is a ‘wet’ pesto so that your lasagna stays moist.
* Cheese. I use a dairy-free Mozzarella cheese.
* Veggie broth. This is my secret ingredient for making those no-cook noodles burst with flavor. I add a splash of veggie broth at each layer of the lasagna and around the edges. You might think that this would ‘sog up’ the lasagna, but it doesn’t! The noodles absorb all the juices and become super flavorful.
* Thinly Sliced Tofu. I love adding tofu to this recipe. I first marinate the thin slices and quickly saute it before adding it to my lasagna. You can also use your own favorite filling like mushrooms, ricotta “cheese” (my cashew ricotta recipe here) or even a sweet potato or parsnip mash perhaps. Creativity encouraged!

Those are the basics of a lasagna verde. All you lasagna-savvy chefs out there can either take it from here are craft your own ‘verde’ recipe – or try one of mine!..


*chef’s choice* (also husband-approved) -> My new Spicy Lasagna Verde 2011 (revisited recipe from my original version). This recipe includes a Mache-Basil-Lemon Pesto Recipe

And here’s my Chive Cashew Ricotta Stuffed Red Sauce Lasagna recipe for a more classic red sauce approach…


Fun Idea! Mini personal-sized lasagna..

Mini Lasagna Verde

My 5 Lasagna Tips

1. If you wouldn’t eat it that way, don’t layer it that way.
Best example: tofu. I never add in raw, unseasoned tofu – it is always cooked/seasoned first. The end result is more intense flavor in each bite.

2. Free yourself of No-Boil Noodle Guilt.
Don’t feel bad about reaching for the no-boil noodles! They actually absorb tons of flavor. My tip: use veggie broth to wet the layers as you go to avoid dry noodles.

3. Nut-Ricotta Cheese Substitute. Try my recipe!
Delish filling idea: cashew ricotta. I know you will be shocked by how much this stuff tastes like real ricotta cheese!

4. Premium Ingredients = Premium Lasagna.
Use the good stuff for your lotsa-love lasagna!

5. Bubbly Top.
The last five minutes of cooking should be done after you uncover the lasagna and turn your over on high broil.

What are your fave lasagna tips???

Cashew-Nut Ricotta – optional Lasagna Filling..

Lasagna Verde raw

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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