Last Minute 4th of July Cocktails

Happy 4th of July!  Time to get your celebratory drink on.  If you’ve been busy planning your party and food and games and getting those last minute fireworks, then ooops, what are the adults going to drink. Have no fear, here are five 4th of July inspired cocktails that are sure to please.

  • Uncle Sam-Tinis 1 of 5
    Uncle Sam-Tinis
    It's a martini with a patriotic twist! This recipe calls for the blue tint of Dekuyper's Island Punch Pucker, cointreau, and lemon vodka. Sounds like a firecracker of a drink to me!
    Make your own Uncle Sam-Tini's
  • Fourth Of July Red, White, & Blue Sauza Margarita 2 of 5
    Fourth Of July Red, White, & Blue Sauza Margarita
    This drink may have originated south of the border, but I love a good margarita and am willing to serve this for my 4th of July BBQ. I don't think I will have any complaints considering it's got cranberry, mint, tequila and lemon lime soda.
    Make your own fourth of July red, white, & Sauza blue margarita
  • Berry Ice Is So Nice 3 of 5
    Berry Ice Is So Nice
    These berry ice cubes are such an easy way to add some color and fun to your drink. Pop these in the freezer now and they will be ready to dress up your cocktail this afternoon.
    Make your own berry ice
  • Pop Rockin’ Red White And Blue Cocktail 4 of 5
    Pop Rockin' Red White And Blue Cocktail
    If pop rocks are not easily accessible, just add a drop of blue food coloring to some sugar and use that around the rim. The pop rocks or sugar can also be used for the non alcoholic drinks to give the kids something special.
    Get the recipe for pop rockin' red white and blue cocktail at Desert Living Today
  • 4th Of July Punch 5 of 5
    4th Of July Punch
    This drink may look like champagne, but's it's got more flavor and kick with vodka, cranberry, pineapple and ginger ale. I've never tried this combo, but I'm craving it now.
    Get the recipe for 4th of july punch at Poor Girls Guide Chicago

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