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Did you forget? Or not forget, but lost track of time and now Mother’s Day is in three days? Three days! Take a deep breath — there’s still time. If your wife or mom loves food and loves to cook, here are some last minute gifts to order just in time. You’re welcome.

  • Chocolate Of The Month 1 of 8

    A year of chocolates that is delivered each month? Heaven.On.Earth. 

    Get her Chocolate of the Month from Lake Champion Chocolates for $95.

    Photo by Lake Champion Chocolates

  • Santoku Knife 2 of 8

    The woman who loves to cook needs nice equipment. This knife will have her slicing and dicing at lightning speed.

    Get her a Santoku Knife from Amazon for $124.95.

    Photo from Amazon

  • Sipat Baking Pan 3 of 8

    I'm still waiting for mine and hoping if I post it here the hubs will get the hint. Please, oh please bring me breakfast in bed on this pan as a surprise.

    Get her a Silpat Baking Pan for $44.42 from Amazon.

    Photo from Amazon

  • Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump 4 of 8

    I know, I know it's a soap dispenser. I may be crazy to suggest it, but I would think it's cool. This is one of those kitchen items that isn't necessary, but would make a fun least for me. I have an irrational fear of raw meat and eggs and keep a bottle of anywhere spray next to my sink. Everything gets a spray down after I touch it. If I had a sensor soap dispenser, my hands would be clean without touching anything!

    Get her a Sensor Soap Pump from Amazon for $34.51.

    Photo from Amazon

  • Local Farm Fruit & Veggie Delivery 5 of 8

    If you don't already get a weekly or bi-monthly delivery from your local farm, now is your chance. Mom will love the fresh and local produce that shows up on her doorstep.

    Get her Fresh Produce Delivery for $29.

    Photo from Summerland Produce Co.

  • Pizza Stone 6 of 8

    I recently discovered the versatility of a pizza stone. I've cooked all kinds of things on it and think this kitchen gadget is a must have item. Check out all these great recipes I've made on a pizza stone.

    Get her a Pizza Stone from Amazon for $34.99.

    Photo from Amazon

  • The Cheese Knife 7 of 8

    I bought this for my mom for Mother's Day, but not to use for cheese. Turns out, it's the perfect brownie cutter! We are big brownie eaters in my house. If you've ever cut into the fudgy-cake, you know that it just drags and tears apart. This knife cuts brownies smoothly.

    Get her The Cheese Knife (for cutting brownies) from Amazon for $18.29.

    Photo from Orange Tree Imports

  • How To Cook Everything App 8 of 8

    Think of this as a bonus gift to all the other wonderful things you've gotten her. It's a simple app that covers every detail she will need on her cooking adventures.

    Get her the How To Cook Everything App from iTunes for $4.99.

    Photo from iTunes

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