Latin Dishes For Papi On Father’s Day

My papi loves his spicy latin dishes, and my son’s father (my fiance) loves his food even spicier. This Father’s Day serve the Daddy in your life a plate full of flavor with these Latin dishes. I promise he will call it one of the best homemade meals and love his Father’s day celebration a little more. Enjoy!

  • Latin Dishes For Father’s Day 1 of 23

    A delicious round-up of Latin dishes that range from spicy food to breakfast to dessert! 

  • Picadillo 2 of 23

    My Grandfather is all about meat and potatoes..... This dish is a man pleaser, and will have him smiling from ear to ear. Get the recipe and a how to video on Presley's Pantry

  • Lemon and Tapatio Chicken Wings 3 of 23

    My fiance loves chicken wings, but usually he pours tapatio and lemon all over them. With this recipe he doesn't have to the tangy spice is built in. Find the recipe at Presley's Pantry

  • Ropa Vieja 4 of 23

    This Cuban favorite means "old clothes." Shredded beef served in a savory sauce makes the perfect fiesta food. If you are having a Father's Day party this may be the way to go. Grab the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts!

  • Beans And Chorizo Tacos 5 of 23
    Tacos de Chorizo 1

    This easy to make chorizo dish will have your Dad begging for more! La Cocina De Leslie will show you how. 

  • Spicy Tilapia 6 of 23

    Miss Bren from Flanboyant Eats brings us this delicious spicy meal. Can't wait to plate it for my Daddy. 

  • Bacon Guacamole 7 of 23

    Bacon Bacon Bacon and Avocado!!!! Which man doesn't love this combo? Make this guacamole and your papi will be a happy man. Find the video and recipe here on Babble

  • Roasted Chile Cheese Bacon Mini Tamale Pies 8 of 23

    Bacon and tamale sounds so nice. I need these in my life. Get the recipe from Muy Bueno Cookbook!

  • Shrimp Cocktail 9 of 23

    My Dad loves shrimp cocktail.... this is a sure way to your father's heart. Get the recipe on Spanglish Baby!

  • Avocado Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas 10 of 23

    Serve these chicken enchiladas in a avocado sauce for the perfect Father's Day dinner. Get the recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • Piquin POM Fajitas 11 of 23

    Super spicy piquin chiles add a burst of flavor to these fajitas. Daddy will surely love it too. Get the recipe from Sweet Life

  • Sopes 12 of 23

    Nearly every man I know loves a good sope. Try this recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • Corn Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Scones 13 of 23

    A scone finally made for a man. Spicy, cheesy and full of bacon. Find the recipe here on Babble

  • Chocolate Churros 14 of 23

    Does your papi have a sweet tooth. These chocolate dipped churros will satisfy his cravings and if you're lucky. maybe you can have one too. Get the recipe from the Chocolate Obsessed E-Book. 

  • Savina Chile And Tamarindo BBQ Sauce For Turkey Tostadas 15 of 23
    turkey tostadas

    Turkey tostadas never tasted so good! The spicy tang of this savina chile tamarind bbq sauce will make him wish he could pour it on every meal. Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts

  • Cilantro Beef Stew 16 of 23

    This cilantro beef stew is served with rice and potatoes..... He's sure to love it. Get the recipe from Peru Delights!

  • Guajillo Piloncillo Marinated Steak 17 of 23

    A simple marinade that will have Dad happy to grill. Find the recipe on Sweet Life

  • Breakfast Chilaquiles 18 of 23

    This is the perfect way to start Father's day. Serve the father in your life breakfast in bed. Get the recipe here on Babble

  • Hamburger Tacos 19 of 23

    So easy to make..... you cook the meat inside of the taco shell raw. Jump over to Presley's Pantry to find out how. 

  • Mexican Chocolate cake 20 of 23
    chocolate cake 006~1

    "Mmmmmm Chocolate Cake" is exactly what he'll say. Get the recipe from The Chocolate Obsessed E-Book

  • Chorizo Potato And Egg Breakfast 21 of 23
    chorizo tacos

    Eat this breakfast on a plate or serve in corn tortillas for breakfast tacos. He won't care how you serve them as long as you serve him. Find this chorizo breakfast and the step by step photos here on Babble

  • Creamy Chocolate Dessert 22 of 23

    This creamy chocolate delight looks like the perfect way to end Father's day.... Find the recipe on Hispana Global

  • Chile Colorado 23 of 23

    I had to add this recipe to this round-up, this chile colorado is a favorite of all the men in my life. Enjoy! Grab it from Presley's Pantry.


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