Laurie David's New Book, 'The Family Dinner'

Laurie David's New Book, 'The Family Dinner'
Laurie David, former wife of of Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and co-producer of “An Inconvenient Truth,” has a wonderful new cookbook. Laurie is a parent who is passionate about the importance of creating family rituals. She believes that family dinners are one of the most important things families can do to help keep their relationships strong.

In an interview with Susan Stiffelman of Parent Dish, Laurie tells us how she hopes families will benefit from her book. She explains that dinnertime does not have to be an elaborate event. Simple suppers such as peanut butter sandwiches and simple salads, when eaten as a family, have the same benefit as more elaborate dinners. Laurie wants parents to know that you don’t have to stress out to cook the perfect meal or set the perfect table. She wants the kids to also be involved in the cooking process. She says cooking, as well as eating as a family, is a very important tradition to help build family bonds.

Laurie knows that there are many obstacles these days that interfere with family dinners. Technology is one of the biggest concerns of all parents have when it comes to trying to get their kids to sit down to the table. Putting down the cell phone, walking away from the computer and turning off the television are all things we need to do as parents and teach our kids to do at dinnertime. Laurie says she has put her foot down, and banned the use of technology at dinnertime. She says that creating this ritual, of walking away from whatever they are doing, and coming to the dinner table has really paid off. She said that with time, it has become habit for her kids, and isn’t a big deal anymore.

Laurie also says that dinner conversation is just as important as cooking and sharing your food food together. She says she has put alot of effort over the years to create fun conversation at the dinner table. One of the games she says they play is to go around the table and ask each family member if they could change their name what would it be and why.

Laurie enjoyed interviewing many of her mentors and people she greatly admires for this book. She says their wisdom is sprinkled throughout the book. Laurie’s “hope is that everyone’s copy will be food-stained, tattered, highlighted, flagged and well used.”

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