Lazy Frescas

agua frescas - lazy style!
agua frescas - lazy style!

One of my favorite beverages to sip is an ice cold, fruit-garnished, Agua Fresca. The ingredients are simple: fruit (or veg), water and sweetener. But the traditional method of making an agua fresca is a bit more intensive than the relaxed drink implies. Traditional recipes ask you to puree your fruit then strain it through some sort of sieve or cheesecloth. Another step might involve making simple syrup by dissolving sugar and optional flavorings into boiling water. Then allowing the water to chill before using in your recipe. Well my “Lazy Frescas” simplify the process and give you that same fruity, sassy, sweet, light, refreshing flavor you crave. And the best part is how versatile frescas can be. You can probably make one with something you have in your kitchen right now. Lazy Fresca steps..

Lazy Frescas. The trick to a lzy fresca is choosing fruit or veg that will easily dissolve into water when given a brisk stir and a gently mashing. It is almost like you will be making “fruit tea” Instead of a tea bag steeping in hot water, you are “steeping” some soft, ripe, fresh fruit.

Step One: Choose your flavors.
Try pairing a sweet fruit with a tart citrus. Or a mild veg with an herb. Here are a few ideas..

Strawberry Lemon Mint
Peach Berry Grapefruit
Cucumber lime mint
Raspberry Mint Lime
Pineapple Lime Cilantro
Orange Kiwi
Lemon Melon
Watermelon Lime
Cucumber Basil Lime get the idea.

Step Two: Choose your liquid.
I like to use sparkling mineral water because I like my frescos fizzy. But still water works too. Just make sure it is chilled. You can also add a splash of something sweet. I like to add a splash of fresh orange juice or something fizzy like sparkling lemon, peach, apple or orange soda.

Step Three: Choose your sweetener.
I like agave syrup because it easily dissolves into the water – and acts as a simple syrup.

Step Four: Prep your fruit.
You will need a good amount of fruit per glass since this will be what flavors your water. Adding frozen fruit can be very helpful because as the frozen fruit melts into the water it easily saturates the water with flavor. (For instance, drop a fresh blueberry into water and not much will happen. But drop a frozen blueberry into water and it will turn blue!) Frozen fruit also chills your beverage nicely. Another trick is to gently mash some of your fresh fruit to release the flavor.

Step Five: Assembly.
Add your fruit, sweetener, water to your serving glass. Stir/mash briskly and allow to chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

For my Agua Fresca Recipes: Trio of Agua Fresca Recipes (Includes the recipes for the three drinks shown int he photos)

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