Learn to Love Green Juice: 5 Tips

green juice
green juice

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get two, three, four or even five servings of fruits and veggies from one tall frothy glass? Can you imagine the energy and focus you’d have? The lack of typical caffeine jitters? And how vibrant you’ll be by your last gulp and through the day? Well one great way to energize your day is to start the morning with a tall glass (or short glass) of green juice. I’ve introduced you to green juice before, with my Green Juice Guide and Myths, but like most people, you may not be convinced that it is for you. So here are five ways to love your green juice, even a tip if you don’t have a juicer. Plus a recipe!..

I should drink more of this stuff.. Every time I start drinking green juice again, I wonder, “why don’t I do this more often?” So being that I’m feeling the glow from chugging a tall glass o’ green juice, I wanted to try and share my inspired moment with you!..

drink your juice
drink your juice

Five Tips to Learn to Love Green Juice

*note: yes, having a “juicer” helps making green juice. But you could also do green smoothies in a Vitamix or high speed blender to make green juice shakes. Or use my tips in #4 if you are juicer-less*

1. Sweeten it Up! Remember the last time you took a big gulp of fresh apple cider? Really sweet and juicy, right? Almost too sweet for some. Well sweet juices like apple, pear and even carrot can be very overpowering in a juice blend – which makes them perfect for pairing with your greens. So even though the green color may stand out when you sip – the flavor will be sweet and vibrant.

2. Water it Down. A big mistake I see people make when making green juice – especially in the morning when your palate is so fresh, dehydrated and sensitive – is to not add enough water to your greens when juicing. No one likes thick green juice. In fact, I’ll make sure my greens are still very wet from just washing them when I juice them. If I am juicing only thick leafy greens like chard or even spinach, I will add in a few spoonfuls of water to the juicer to thin out my juice. But the easiest way to ‘water down’ your glass is to add super juicy, thin and less intense ingredients like cucumber, celery, ripe pear and even watermelon or other melons.

3. Start Small. You don’t need to drink a full glass every day to reap the green juice benefits. All you really need is a shot of this stuff to get a mild green juice high. It’s rich in antioxidants, electrolytes and depending on what ingredients you use, usually pleasantly low in calories. So while you can drink as much as you’d like – don’t feel bad about starting small! One small glass of green juice can easily have a few servings of fruit and/or veggies!

4. I Hate My Juicer. Or I don’t have one. Juicer de-void? Or maybe you just hate lugging out your juicer when your counter top is already a-clutter. Well here’s what I did when I was without my juicer for a few months – I found a local juice bar that sold juices to go. I stocked up on juices one every few weeks (because they can be expensive to buy at stores!) Then I did a few days where i drank green juice all throughout my day. Morning, snacks and even before bed. While still eating my regular meals too. This green supplementation always gave me an extra boost of energy for the next few weeks. It revived me having all that green juice on hand. Kinda like a green juicing vacation. Another idea is to order one of those “3-day” juice cleanses – but you don’t need to follow the “cleanse” – just enjoy the juice with your family! No harm in that.

5. Add Zing. The number one negative comment I’ve heard people say from bad green juice experiences was that it tasted “grassy” or “muddled” – basically like you are chugging water with a side of lawn mower clippings. Not fun or delicious. So to counteract that natural grassiness from juiced greens, first you should add that sweetness (see #1 above). And next you need to add zing! This can be in the form of an acid, spice or warmth. Try fresh ginger, lemon juice, orange juice, jalapeno, cayenne, tart green apple, grapefruit, sweet sharp beet, mint and more. Give it some zing and you won’t notice the grassy undertones.

And remember, it takes time! Give it a few different sips, on different days, under different conditions. Try it after a long workout or run. Those salty green juice flavors may suddenly just what your body craves!

Sweet Zing Green Juice
serves 2
* I’ve included the flavor profiles of each ingredient as well*

flavor profile: amount/ingredient
salty/wet: 1 cup cucumber
grassy: 1 cup spinach
spicy: 2 tsp fresh ginger, peeled OR 1/2 jalapeno with seeds
sweet tart: 3/4 cup green apple
sweet zing: 1 peeled kiwi OR more green apple
bright/sour: 1/2 lemon, juiced
bright/sour: 1 lime juiced



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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